SHAFT Trailer (2019) Dom's Baby Rescue | The Fate 2 weeks ago   02:28

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Here is the first trailer for SHAFT!

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FilmSelect Trailer
Enjoy the first trailer for SHAFT!
O'brian M
Madam Syphilis & Lady Chlamydia LMAO!!!
Lets Talk Now Tv
They should have used BDK aka Big Daddy Kane as SHAFT he talks smooth and like he’s dfrom the 70’s
Henry Washington
No People's, no me!
Tom Siebert
Holy shit, they made the new young Shaft not a modern embodiment of black masculinity but some lightweight comic relief zero? Even if the movie's a fun ride, this is a huge missed opportunity for another iconic "Black Panther" hero type to ride a Hollywood franchise zeitgeist. I almost can't believe they decided to play it this way. Good to see Richard Roundtree, tho.
WTF, I wanted Michael Cera to play Shaft
Nice movie portrays Shaft's son as a Feminized Beta snowflake Black male... Here is where we are in 2019
Eric Garcia
Damn this looks good😂
Jordan Cann
This is a joke! Why they make this so goofy?!
Richard Hogg
No thanks, I’m busy!
Richard Roundtree will always be the one true John Shaft.
Rengar - The Pridestalker
Is that a Chevelle, i'm like 90% sure but I've been wrong before.
Wow. A classic black male film turned into a comedy. We're all doomed. Black men are clowns in real life so why should the movies be any different? I will pass on this one.
Genus Tinca
Come on man. I'm an open minded guy but a 70-year old doing action movies like this. There is a limit to credibility.
Abdul Aden
Fuck this man they need to make Black Dynamite 2
Will Smith would be proud.
Anyway get the reference?
No Thanks, looks and sounds very corny, like most films now. big pass for me
Doomsday Knight
Richard Fucking Roundtree!! Still King of the Rollers!!! only gonna watch this because of it...The Original Shaft and the Big Score... Messy films!!!!
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Dom's Baby Rescue | The Fate SHAFT Trailer (2019) 2 weeks ago   05:35

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