SHAFT Trailer (2019) Dom's Baby Rescue | The Fate 6 months ago   02:28

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Here is the first trailer for SHAFT!

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Enjoy the first trailer for SHAFT!
Ayman Sayed
The girl at 00:11 who is she🔥🔥🔥
Kiki Odran
He still looks so young lol . Is this 2000 trailer .
Leon Fink
What is the song at the start
Ashton Ferd Marquez
Samuel jackson AKA Nick Fury AKA Shaft
Raquel Tenazas
‘saw this last nite with my son and ... it sure made my day
Ryan A
What a load of shit. Full of sjw politics and shafts son sounds like a faggot. Just more anti white bullshit from jewish owned netflix.
T3 Future M.D.
Just saw today. I love this one more then the last one. Thats rare
Samuel L Jackson look just like my Grandpa both don't look old bLaCk DoNt CrAcK
Al Vere
*SHAFT* WHO is the good looking BLACKMAN ? It's Shaft! reallllly ? We wanna gotta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max territory Lukyanoff
I watched it
unlike the first and 2nd shaft the programming for this one is socalled black males killing other socalled black males primarily along with a message of promiscuity and simpitude as acceptable. Can't send a message to socalled black males that it's ok to kill socalled white folks now can we. Pass.
Lana Lana
Thes type of movies are the best
Marcin P
What a fucking vindictive, pice of shit son. He walks the red light, gets shit on by a driver who almost kills him, takes picture of his plates, goes to his job which is some kind of road traffic control and suspends his licence. What a pice of shit. Stoped watching there.
Srad Eapiritu
Part 2 plssss 😭😭
Lady syphilis
Madam clamidya
If you watch the very start of this movie they play the typical Hollywood stereo type of the bad white guy, while they are kids, the bad white child comes up and knocks the toy out of the black kids hands and along comes the Muslim child to save him by pushing over the white kid who runs away in fear, its a shame they can't leave all this stereo typical bullshit out of movies.
At 0.15 beard glittered from her 🐱 being bedazzled lmaooo
These movie is totally garbage
Who the fuck can destroy shaft movies like in
all we needed was our bare knuckles, dude got an RPG in there
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Dom's Baby Rescue | The Fate SHAFT Trailer (2019) 6 months ago   05:35

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