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Can You Overdose On Vitamins? | Sandwich Bag Fire Starter - At Up-Tube.com

Can You Overdose on Vitamins? Sandwich Bag Fire Starter 2 days ago   04:58

Vitamins are 13 molecules essential for life that our bodies can't make themselves.
Watch Vitamania here: https://ve42.co/vita

Now available worldwide, except France and Germany where it will be broadcast on ARTE soon. Subscribe on the Vitamania website for updates.

Use #vitamania to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Vitamania is a Genepool Productions feature documentary for SBS Australia, CuriosityStream, and ARTE France. Principal production investment from Screen Australia, in association with Film Victoria.

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Hamza Haytham
You can overdose on anything. Even water.
Stef H
...except for Germany and France.... what did we do wrong?? What if we don't watch TV? do we need a proxyserver? ... where was it published? and when? ARTE? - the one and only French-German TV station?
Joe M
This is exactly what's on chubbyemu's channel:
Jazzy Vella
I watched vitamania at school! Also the uranium too in science
Abhishek Thakker
Sir if you please visit India again then please inform it on your channel. Thank you. And love from India
4:02 Omg that was so cute
Manish Sharma
ನಮ್ಮ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು. YAY
What are the vitamin content of cow dung and urine? Asking for an Indian friend.
irr3 is on t1Lt
Without even watching the Video i can tell YOU CAN OVERDOSE FROM EVERYTHING, even from air and water. And of course you can overdose from Vitamins.
Greetings from germany
Vids Tube
@Derek I am a huge fan of your content. I watched Vitamania & its great loved it, I wished you elaborated on Vit B12 as for vegans its an issue to get it and how high is normal. Any ways thanks & keep the awesome content coming.
Amazing videos
Rakshith K R
0:55 wth you were in karnataka?
Jay P
I just had an overdose of Veritasium.
I just watched the video. While it was well made and informative, I didn't care for the call to regulate vitamins. Figure out how many people go on a mass shooting spree while hyped up on prescription psychoactive drugs (just about all of them) than we can talk about saving lives with vitamin regulations.

Figure out how many people die of prescription drugs overdose. Than we can talk about vitamins.

Government regulates the crap out of everything in life. So much so that you can't get a decent burger that isn't cooked to hell anymore. Freaking milk is regulated as it's illegal to buy/sell/drink whole milk. And still some people just call for more of these useless cumbersome government restrictions.
Seema Sharma
I think you are in Delhi,
Aren't you?
Seema Sharma
How much did you enjoyed when you went to India?
Bailey Campbell
I love the one guy who just stops walking to watch the camera go by 😂
govind narasimman
Welcome to India
Rip to the kids that ate 3 vitamins instead of 2
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Sandwich Bag Fire Starter Can You Overdose on Vitamins? 2 days ago   05:36

Grant Thompson - the King of Random - teaches me how to start a fire with a Sandwich bag. And we tried to melt glass in my backyard: https://goo.gl/zb0uE0
Check out his channel: http://ve42.co/KoR

The intensity of sunlight on Earth is about 1300 Watts per square meter. When you focus the sun's rays using a magnifying glass (or in this case sphere of water) you can increase the intensity roughly ten thousand fold. This increases the temperature of wood to its autoignition point starting the reaction with oxygen in the atmosphere. By protecting the hot embers and adding more energy and fuel, you can get these hot coals to start a roaring fire.

Special thanks to Patreon Supporters:
Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen

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