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Ray Vs Jorge Rematch (Kimbo Fight) | Level Vs Jeremy Full Fight!!!! - At Up-Tube.com

Ray vs Jorge Rematch (Kimbo Fight) LEVEL VS JEREMY FULL FIGHT!!!! 10 months ago   08:00

Kimbo's crew is at it again with this BONUS Fight, Ray vs Jorge (rematch)

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Nemesis T-Type
Ponytail...Gamebred...Street Jesus
Old mate in the background with his fucking groceries just stopping by for a quick watch
Man i saw this shit when i was like 18 and now this dude in the ufc, fucking dope as
Almighty One
Much Respect Jorge Masvidal! Latinos Stand up! #theressurection #peru #cuba
Michael Vayan
Cant just turn your back when you're getting worked. That technique saved him numerous times. Weak.
Guadaupe Martinez
“Make a commitment “ 😂
Kevin Colvin
That's not a real fight. I'm not racist but when the Mexican dude had the other dude on the ground he wasn't allowed to pounce on him that's some sucker ass fighting.
Evil Seeds Grow Naturally
How time flies.

Flakko Villa
Fucking iddiot at 1:00 "anything that lands hits" no shit dumbass
Wasn't the guy in the beanie in blood and bone
Mr. Vergasachi
I'm just here too see what Nate diaz is getting himself into
imjst mikey
I saw this weny it first came out didnt know jorge went pro till Nate called him out
Israel Antonio
Who’s here after Diaz called him out ?
Yair Mendoza
Thanks Nate Diaz!
Zachary Tufano
One of my favorite fights on YouTube besides bare knuckle boxing and hood fights
I never knew Masvidal had Backyard fights like Kimbo, this is Crazy! I saw all his Strikeforce Fights
Rigoberto Hernandez
This is UFC. He'll yeahhh
That one guy Niche
I came because Nate Diaz called him out last night. I saw this video when it was new. Never knew it was him
Tommy McCarthy
RIP Kimbo
Juan Maldonado
I remember seeing this video years ago! Didn’t even know he was in the UFC wtf!? Damnnnn I just seen his 5 second KO victory. Dope af!
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LEVEL VS JEREMY FULL FIGHT!!!! Ray vs Jorge Rematch (Kimbo Fight) 10 months ago   05:15


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