Ray vs Jorge Rematch (Kimbo Fight) LEVEL VS JEREMY FULL FIGHT!!!! 1 year ago   08:00

Kimbo's crew is at it again with this BONUS Fight, Ray vs Jorge (rematch)

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The ice cream truck in the background ...
Native Jedi
Jorge has some serious power and speed. He fucked big dudes face up bad, a real OG
Jfj Ufjfj
Yo hes my maths teacher fam
The camera can't keep up with there punches, if that where me throwing the camera would have caught the hairs on my knuckles and you could have checked the football scores while waiting for it to connect.
yassine yassou
What a curious way to moove rey
Xyzko Gut
It’s the hair
U can see how efficiently he throws combos it ez
Pregnant Nuns
Walking walking walking... relax relax... walking walking..m get in there ray
Grey Matters
Relax! Relax! Get your hands up! Punch him the nose! Punch him! Get him!
Great advice!!! That guy's hired for sure.
You Guys look tired says the camera man. Gtfoh!
Jamir Brown
0:21 Jorge 5’18 tall!?😂
Kayla Samine
Isso sim é luta de verdade
Oath Sip
R.i.p Kimbo!
The original streetbeefs lmao
Ahmet Toprak
They're pretty good strikers for amateurs.
It's absolutely hilarious to me that the voice behind the camera is the same voice i hear when I watch a BangBros porn. Except instead of Jorge doing damage it's Jmac.
Mad Slumped
My dumbass didnt know that was Jorge Masvidal til the fight ended
David De La Cruz
Cocaine was def involved
Christopher Martinez
Who all of a sudden became the coach? 🤔
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LEVEL VS JEREMY FULL FIGHT!!!! Ray vs Jorge Rematch (Kimbo Fight) 1 year ago   05:15