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Lyon and Norway striker Ada Hegerberg won the first women's Ballon d'Or after setting a record with 15 goals in the Champions League. During the Ballon d’Or awards ceremony, Hegerberg was asked by DJ and co-host Martin Solveig if she could do a sexually suggestive dance known as “twerking.” Critics condemned the question as inappropriate and sexist, prompting an apology from Solveig. Tennis Star Andy Murray wrote on Instagram that the incident was “another example of ridiculous sexism that still exists in sports,” and asked why “women still have to put up with” this kind of behavior. Others have pointed out that Hegerberg’s male counterparts, such as Luka Modric, were not asked the same question during the ceremony.

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A simple solution to make men's & women's sports more equal is merge the two, get rid of the distinction of gender.
Women should compete against men for their place in say a football team. The best player wins.
The way she handled was good because it didnt take away from what she achieved?.....the whole point of her achievement was to be asked about twerking so that the news would report to enough people so that such an inappropriate comment exposes sexism
The real question you need to ask is why other women dont watch womens soccer. Its upto women to build their own audiences or crowds.
teresa moon
they gave this the wrong title. it should say professional tranny athletes! every "female" you see (even the news anchor) is a man! big skull, large jaw/mouth, sloping forehead, eyebrow ridge, 3 headwidth shoulders, lumpy throat, long arms. research male body structure and you'll see it.
Tellus Of Athens
Well i just watched this apparent outrage - it was asked by a musical french midget. Guy doesnt care about football...
Fried Chicken Now
It's okay, I get triggered by twerking too.
gianni arnoldons
NO THEY DONT.. stop with this typical egocentric female drama.. u acting more “special” than anybody.. if u want to b taken seriously stop bitchin about ur invented problems.. u have it statistically, and logically easier than ANY man on this earth (apart maybe from some muslim girls).. offices today are saturated with females, and are given a way easier time in the hiring process.. all the bs stats about female disadvantages on the workplace , are known to be made up (if u care to apply logic and use reliable sources of course)..
women's sports are just boring compared to men's
i dont care what your gender is
Looxy Look
Why just play it out? Best women team against best men team! Place your bet.
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10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers Do professional female athletes still 2 days ago   06:37

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