39 Jr Ski Racing Fails and Saves Benchmark #2: Chris vs Top Ski Racer 1 day ago   12:24


The course setters at this race did a good job of making life hard, difficult and unpleasant for many racers. Here we have 39 FAILS and SAVES from juniors biting the dust in one way or another. BTW, the conditions could not have been any better with a rock hard course surface, mild temperature and sunshine.

To see the whole race go to the YouTube page FK-37 Alpine Racing Club https://up-tube.com/channel/HPBE5IMcZkBgSD1nMWpHlbPD) and search for Audi Noux 2019 https://up-tube.com/channel/HPBE5IMcZkBgSD1nMWpHlbPD/frnepu

Note, no injuries sustained.



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I have more funny fails
John Jaros
Thanks for the great post. These kids are putting it out there, and this is what skiing is like!!! I love watching your videos from half way across the world!!! Missing your input on Pugski in lieu of Epic. Always appreciated what you had to say. Keep up the good work, and please keep posting videos.
rod adamson
seems to me a number of racers are moving upper body inside (getting over inside ski) rather than moving legs and staying on outside ski ... quicker feet!
멋집니다. 빨리겨울이 왔으면 좋겠습니다.
James Zeng
The conditions did look hell bad... can't imagine myself carving down the race track like that
and most racers failed at the same turn ... that tells a lot
Trolle Bulle
First againg! ;)
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Benchmark #2: Chris vs Top Ski Racer 39 Jr Ski Racing Fails and Saves 1 day ago   09:09


Second invaluable training session for Chris this year with jr FIS 44 world top racer Nico. Compare to the best. That's how you excel. Never stop learning.

What we do is we try to get great ski racers to ski against our juniors on our training sessions and then compare them with our juniors with timing and on video. If you have any questions please ask. Its not very difficult to make a video like this. Still I don't see anybody else do this. I would love to help you out if you want. Send me an email on tom@fk-37.fi or leave a comment below.