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Matt L1996
Title says it all !

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donald louk jr.
She never gotten married Dale jr. Why she kept her legs closed sick ass perverted woman cares about is sex sick ass and then you added to it wish you would have kept racing I want to listen to that stupid white bitch wife for yours ain't nothing but a bossy ass and all she cares about is your money Amy Earnhardt Amy reimann she thinks she's hot shit cuz she married you Dale jr. Race car driver should have kept racing buddy miss you racing I want to listen to her she's trying to boss and tell you what to do just wanted to marry you for your money Los cares about is sex that's why she's spreading legs and got pregnant picky ass White Witch gold digger miss you Dale jr. Wish you was still racing today why you don't get married stupid waste of time just like having sex making babies is a waste of time the way the world is why would you bring a baby into this messed up world too much sending this world and you had to bring a baby in this world what the hell is wrong with women today can't keep their damn legs closed bring babies in this corrupted World which is too much sin that's why the world's not going to be around for very long stupid ass people can't keep your legs closed sick ass miss you Dale jr.
smoke 14
Docked 25 points after saying "shit" at the 2004 Dega interview. Lost the points lead after that and then Edwards wrecked him at Atlanta and he was done after that. The championship would have been his that year.
Gary Clark
I'm glad he is retiring,he has paid his dues. I loved his dad,he was and will always will be the greatest driver ever.BUT he stayed in the sport to long. Imagine it Dale was still around to call a race or an owner. NASCAR would still be loved like it once was. NASCAR has to much lose if God forbid, we lose Jr.
Jonathan Schaffer
Anyone know the song in the background before the nickelback part?
Almost wanted to go home with me i think 😂😂😂
I love Dale Jr.!!!
So dale says shit in his interview and gets fined and starts the 5 sec delay. Gordon says it after Texas race and doesn't get anything wow
Dale Jr. Is an amazing race car driver. Don't judge.
Steve Brooks
what a freekin looser!!
Barry Miller
Imagine how good HMS would be if he replaced JUNE YOUR with someone that could win.

"I WOULD'VE been surprised had he raced me clean"
Wedge Antilles
Ward Burton
Can this guy read or write?
reload and try again....
Steve E. Peeler
this is how Dale needs to be again. He has to find it again.
Just Me
10+ million a year...does he care if he says shit ....Jr rules...
The last comment was the best!!! He still bows to his old man. :)))
The grammar in both top comments is horrendous. I nearly shot myself.
Donalee Smith
i can watch this over and over and still laugh
Say what you want, he tells it like it is.. The TRUTH
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