200 IQ Plays By Rocket League Pros CS:GO - SMARTEST PRO PLAYS #1 (200 1 year ago   07:20

200 IQ Plays By Rocket League Pros (Fakes, Mindgames, Smartest plays), is a Rocket League ''montage'', of some of my favourite fakes by pro Rocket League players. This Rocket League montage contains the best fakes, mindgames and all in all just the smartest plays that pros do.

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► Songs used:

Kontinuum – Lost (JJD Remix) [NCS]
Link: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/e9BJzTjoET0

It’s different – shadows (feat Miss Mary) Radio Edit [NCS]
Link: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/HUoQW1bChTb

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I like the clips, but not the edits.

Just saying my opinion,
Also just giving a tip,
Maybe change it up and try new things
Those plays are about 90 IQ plays not 200 that’d be stupid if he got a sudden 200 IQ and impossible.
Matthew Parry
When pros have 200 iq you saying their all dumb?
Alessandro Mosetti
Alessandro Mosetti
Bro squisht
More like zero ping goals...
meat lover
Anyone eanna team up with me? Im plat 1 i am an overpasser type i pass alot but mostly my passes are quite good if u can aerial
rmay 2
To be fair...
That squishy goal at 1.35 tho 🤤🤤
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/OUPmqobMBxN Rl Montage pls rate and give us tipps
Rokito 19
so a fake = 200 iq
Metal Amvs
If a mind game is pulled of in a broadcasted tournament than its instantly a 200 IQ play
JUST Fake Fake and FAKE
Hillz Nation
Squishy is the tfue of RL
Amir Orfiana
Funny how almost 3 mins in and theres already like 3 garretg clips :)
You should've included the clip from Johnnyboi's stream where OSM gets a flip reset and then doesn't use it to fake out Fairy Peak.

Anyways get vid love the content
Garrett A
0:38 lmao wtf. Squishy is ridiculous
Torry Tucker
The title of this video makes me cringe.
Lol these are just regular fakes and redirects, not 200 iq, more like 110
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CS:GO - SMARTEST PRO PLAYS #1 (200 200 IQ Plays By Rocket League Pros 1 year ago   11:14

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