Ronaldo Phenomenon Top 15 Crazy Goals Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Iconic Performances 2 weeks ago   11:45

mr bundesteam
Ronaldo "Phenomenon" Luis Nazario de Lima Top 15 Best Skills & Goals - my facebook page

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علي الهلالي
الضاهره الله رونالدو
su juego y movimientos son muy parecidos a los de suarez
Marc Ball
Zidane deliberately missed the pass from rob carlos for Ronaldos 4th goal.
Nexxt Generation
(Obs) ele não caiu em nenhuma trombada
Gezo B
Truly phenomenal 👍👍👍
Jonh Kennedy
Realmente um fenômeno !!!!
chokri mzoughi
He is the fastest player ever and he is the best striker ever by distance
Lactose Integral
Foi um monstro no futebol
Abdossamad Benmohamed
Israel Portela
Best 9
ll Fenomeno..
Leonel Marcano
Can you make a top 30 Iker Casillas saves with Spain?
Marcos Rocha
E uma velocidade fora do normal
Peisui Pungcuy zlg
Yes... Ronaldo is very very better than proud Ronaldo .
حمدي احمد
رونالدو مصر بتعشقه وعمر كرستيانو لو لعب تمرين علي عمره مستعمل اللي عم لو رونالدو البرازيلي الظاهرة الساحر
Manuel Velasquez
Que potencia la de RONALDO
Plinio - Michigan
Where are his brilliant goals for Brazil ?
มือปราบ พวกกํามะลอ
1:20 a white boy try to commentary Latino
Players "hihhh himmm ehh uhh Rohh naldoooooo" :)
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Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Iconic Performances Ronaldo Phenomenon Top 15 Crazy Goals 2 weeks ago   23:27

My 10 favorite performances from Messi during the 2018 year.



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