Roaring Springs - Minute Out In It - Grand GRAND CANYON - FORBIDDEN SPOT...!! 4 months ago   01:01

Where the descending North Kaibab Trail meets the flatter bottom of Bright Angel Canyon, 5 miles/ 8 km from the North Kaibab Trailhead, Roaring Springs may be seen. Here, water gushes forth directly out of the cliffs, cascading over moss and fern to form Bright Angel Creek (which will be a constant companion all the way to the Colorado River).

This giant spring provides drinking water for every visitor and resident within Grand Canyon National Park. The water is delivered to the South Rim via a pipeline buried beneath the North Kaibab Trail (installed 1965-1970). You can see this amazing pipeline as it stretches across the Colorado River on the underside of the Bright Angel Trail's Silver Bridge. NPS video by Michael Quinn. Edited by Kristen M. Caldon.

The park's new water bottle filling stations provide free, Grand Canyon spring water from Roaring Springs. Learn more about water bottle filling stations here:

Read more about the North Kaibab Trail here:

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GRAND CANYON - FORBIDDEN SPOT...!! Roaring Springs - Minute Out In It - Grand 4 months ago   02:30
CLIC "Plus" to get more informations...

- Quartermaster point.
GE: 35°58'4.29"N 113°46'55.48"W

Why Forbidden...?
At that time, NO WAY to have a look at the canyon UNLESS you pay a fee of 75$/person, and go by bus like "sheep" to the SKYWALK only 3 miles away...and I was very short of money...!
SKYWALK ARIZONA :,-3.50,53.1

And as saying Morgen5000 there might be an archeological spot below.
Anyway if you go there, it is at your own might have the Rangers coming by car, as it happened to me..."You are trespassing Sir"!!
But that moment was a "privilege": be present at one of the most astonishing spot of the world, sharing the site, ALONE, but with my children...was an intense life time...

Wanna a tip ?!

You want to save miles ? To get there from Las Vegas:
Take a Rover or a Chevrolet !!

From Hoover Dam, drive to this nice, easy, and large TRACK: "Diamond Bar Rd"...:

93 - Pierce Ferry Road GE: 35°32'2.96"N 114°21'19.14"W
Dolan GE: 35°35'30.84"N 114°16'19.95"W
Diamond Bar Rd 2 GE: 35°52'32.22"N 113°59'14.84"W
Buck and Doe Rd GE: 35°56'26.97"N 113°51'51.51"W
Quarter Master Rd GE: 35°58'6.46"N 113°47'48.46"W

Enjoy!! ;o)))