Episode 17: Dale Jr. Engagement Payout 6 months ago   04:32

JR Motorsports
Now that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Amy Reimann are officially engaged, it’s time for the winners of the Dale Jr. Engagement Prop Bet Pool to collect their money. Were you one of them?

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Mike Smithey
It'd be better to Grand Marshal right before he said start your engines, Dale are you ever going to get married then stop everything climb out of the car and ask Amy to marry him right then and there
Dallas Riblitt
#1 DRIVER ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lev Bronstein
Speaking of Germany, there was a great leader of that country that figured out that the jewish communists were planning on invading and taking over Europe. Factoid: Lenin, Trotsky, and 98% of Stalin's cabinet were all jooish communists and the father of communism Karl Marx was one too. This leader also removed the kosher parasite banking system from the country and within 3 years the economy was great and the German people were enjoying life (while the u.s. was in a depression and their gold was getting confiscated). So, who was this great leader??????
congrats to junebug and Amy I'm jealous as hell! good luck to junior in the upcoming years, you will get a championship and good luck with your marital bliss . love your number one fan from Minnesota!!
"Woo-Pow, Woo-Pow!!"    Hahahaha… Gotta love that guy!
Overheadcam Walling
All their women are gold diggers
Pamela Maloy
Awesome Congratulations, again,Happy for you both.🌞
I wish dale proposed at Pocono 😔🍺🍷
Drew Jones
Come on mike!! Jr got engaged and you didn't do anything to his office or race car? come on now
jay thomas
Tammie Rasmussen
Congratulations Jr and Amy, good luck to the both of you!
tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ
The thing I find funny about Nascar drivers and their women is NONE of them including Dale Jr would get ANY of these hot looking women if they weren't filthy rich and famous
Look at Jr...hes an ugly ginger and most drivers are ugly as the inside of a dogs asshole... Harvick Gordon Biffle... both Buschs... etc etc...yet they all have hot women

Women are Gold Digging Cunts..Nascar PROVED it....lol
lance roe
Great 360 this week cakes oh no what's next happy for dale and Amy ...
Tanner Stokes
I always thought it would have been cool if he did it in victory lane! Pops out then BAM! The question.. Then again. Guess that isn't fair for the whole team..
Shamon Thomas
I think the grand marshal thing would of been funny as hell
"Would there have been a better time to say "DALE YEAH?"
James Villa
Baby bet pool next?
Joseph Maglio
congrats guys really happy for you:)
Blake Walker
Congratulations to Jr and Amy! Dale yeah!
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