VFXcool: Back to the Future Trilogy Interdimensional UFO Portal Tutorial! 1 year ago   10:45

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Time to step away from viral videos and discuss some historically epic VFX work. In this episode, Captain Disillusion dives into the tech Industrial Light & Magic used to create the diverse visuals of the Back to the Future trilogy.


Unless otherwise indicated, all footage and images used to illustrate this video essay are property of Universal Pictures and ILM.

Intro theme by Hachik0 (https://soundcloud.com/snijboer)
DeLorean 3D model by Chris Kuhn (https://www.facebook.com/Kuhn-Industries)

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Daniel Bytheway
Do jason and the argonauts skeleton vs human stop motion scene. It's incredible
Fish Phenomenon
When I saw you move the camera “Noooooooooo!”
Big Mans
How is the dude who spun the bucket hat video real, I’m shook
Love the Super Famicom BttF theme.
captain... we don't deserve you... what an ancient god of youtube!
lefteris biliatis
0:00 bruh the guy sounds like a dog
Daniel Yyy408
Why does he remind me of Doug demuro
Vault boy 21
What is this "star wars" your talking about
Jorge Lukas
Making Games
OK, this was seriously cool. 1988 and 1989 were GREAT years. Roger Rabbit AND BTTF II. I remember seeing Back to the Future in the cinema, what a rush. It was also the year I saw ¨The last starfighter¨ on TV. Roger Rabbit I missed, but I caught it on VHS whilst studying as an animator/computer artist. And then I got to see Toy Story AND Jurassic Park. It was an amazing time.
Tell me, did you have fun creating the robotic arms in 3D? You must have, it would be most cost effective, but nice job on the textures on the d´Lorean! It´s amazing how far we have come.
control Gomez
I got admit
I thought this channel was going to be
Kind of boring I think is one of the best you tuber I ever seen .
Never judge a book by his cover
Or in this case cover painted face
Yep Spielberg and Burton do the same thing where they put their names on things they produced but didn't actually direct
Steven CJ
Karol Palazej
Wait, that first one was real? The one with the floating hat? but how.
Adrian Dostoevsky
Thank you Captain D.
Juan Mena
All Hail Ribert Zemeckis 🙌
I always liked "back to the future". Thanks to your video, I like it better now. but you forgot to mention a great effect ... how did they make the delorean rc scene? Well, it´s a guy in a dog costume. See again if you don't believe me.
Terry Cooper
Lol it starts playing Jurassic park
Ducky McDuck
Fun fact ILM means weather in Estonia
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Interdimensional UFO Portal Tutorial! VFXcool: Back to the Future Trilogy 1 year ago   09:41

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Captain Disillusion channels a popular After Effects tutorial guru to explain and recreate another viral UFO video.