Mercedes F 015 Self Driving Car Amazing Here's Why the Tesla Model 3 Is the Coolest 2 days ago   02:16

World Premiere Mercedes F 015 Self Driving Car Amazing First Commercial
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The Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion is a research vehicle and vision of the future of Mercedes autonomous driving – unveiled today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas
Mercedes Designed from the outset as an autonomous car, creating new possibilities in vehicle design, packaging and connectivity – a mobile living space
Mercedes F 015 Body structure is extremely rigid yet lightweight, weighs 40 per cent less than current cars of a similar size due to the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, aluminium and steel
Mercedes F 015 Interior space unlike any other – capable of seating four adults either facing each other or in tandem – is finished in natural open grain wood, aluminium, glass and leather
Mercedes F 015 Measures 5,220 mm in length, is 2,018 mm wide and 1,524 mm tall – making it similar in length to an Mercedes S-Class long wheelbase, albeit both wider and taller
Mercedes F 015 Maximum interior space made possible by a wheelbase measuring 3,610 mm – 445 mm more than the current S-Class long wheelbase
Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars: "Anyone who focuses solely on the technology has not yet grasped how autonomous driving will change our society. The car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a mobile living space."
The Mercedes F 015 made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, California – starting the New Year with a bold look into the future of transport, of autonomous driving and the possibilities it opens up in packaging, in design, in integration and in how we use cars in our lives
Mercedes F 015 Four individual lounge chairs are accessed via twin, rear-hinged doors that open to 90 degrees – the seats swivelling by 30 degrees to allow easy ingress and egress
Mercedes F 015 Interior is like no other – a mobile living space crafted out of open grain walnut, glass, ice white nappa leather and aluminium. Connectivity is through a choice of six screens seamlessly integrated throughout the interior, controlled via eye-tracking, gesture recognition or touch
The Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion can operate in manual or autonomous modes. Large LED light modules on the front and back of the car denote which mode it’s operating in, with white indicating it’s being driven manually and a cool blue hue for when it’s in autonomous mode. With manual mode engaged, the Mercedes F 015 front seat driver and passenger seats swivel automatically to face the direction of travel and the steering wheel emerges seamlessly from the dashboard
Mercedes F 015 Capable of being powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the powertrain in the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion draws inspiration from the pioneering F-CELL PLUG-IN HYBRID system first seen in the Mercedes F 125! research vehicle from 2011 – allowing for the on-board generation of electricity and storage via a series of high-voltage batteries
The all-new Mercedes F 015 body structure is made up of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, aluminium and high strength steel. Resulting structure is around 40 per cent lighter than today’s production cars of a similar size and is extremely strong
The first steps towards an autonomous future were taken in August 2013 when an Mercedes S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE completed the 62-mile drive from Mannheim to Pforzheim without any driver input – retracing the route taken by Bertha Benz in 1888 on the first recorded journey by a car
The Mercedes F 015 research vehicle marks the start of an exciting year and a busy January – with the new Mercedes C 350 Plug-in Hybrid and the Mercedes GLE Coupé both being unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show next week
Mercedes S Class Driverless Car Is Here 2015 Commercial Self Driving Mercedes S Class W222. As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz natural assumes a pioneering role where autonomous driving is concerned. The declared aim is to develop the automobile further, from a self-moving ("automobile") vehicle to an independent ("autonomous") vehicle. In its research and development activities, Mercedes-Benz goes well beyond purely technical realisation of automated driving and anticipates various scenarios
Semi-autonomous driving is already a fact on public roads today – for example with the Mercedes-Benz models in the S-, E-, C- and CLS-Class. One such feature is Stop-and-Go Assist, which automatically follows tailback traffic and provides steering assistance.

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Alien Z
Say good bye to drunk driving because the time of robot cars is upon us!!
Nedaa vevo1
Gotta put a bed in this car too
Eric jones
Pure BS hype. vaporware to get view. Mercedes is overrated crap.
Karl Miller
I would be afraid that hackers would hack into it and crash it…Like they do my computer…☮🔥
Johnson Brian
this car is nice wow I wish for one
Joseph DeFazio
i bet it wont function right when theres a car accident or if there is construction going on in the road.
Ruben Olsen
99 comunists/hippies/amish want to return to horses drive carriages.
Kregg Kittelson
how much would a car like this cost?
aziz fahad
Hellek August Frøsaker
hos much do it cost
The_ Joker
Drunk driving is back :)
Eric Robinson
Got this car already.😐
JuanMaria Rodriguez
if theirs going to be robots self driving cars and rigs who would need taxi and truck drivers you wont need to pay a driver no more and god woulnt need humans the way life is going just saying
JuanMaria Rodriguez
theirs a truck too all i think right now is all the famalys that are gonna be without a job atruck driver and a taxi driver is what some people live on its their job that hasnt crossed nobodys mind now i see that their alot off no hearted people just thinking to their own benefit we all should thik of that
Now This one i would definitely rather be in the back because you can still see out the windshield if you want to. And it has a perfect tray table in back for rolling up a splif.
Martin Sinclair
this world will soon be controlled by robots
page zalo
Wen Hsun Yang
i don't want F 015 ! that
let Richard have! I just
want a Mercedes!
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