Animated map shows how religion spread 10 Countries You Didn't Know Existed 4 months ago   02:36

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Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are five of the biggest religions in the world. Over the last few thousand years, these religious groups have shaped the course of history and had a profound influence on the trajectory of the human race. Through countless conflicts, conquests, missions abroad, and simple word of mouth, these religions spread around the globe and forever molded the huge geographic regions in their paths.


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Kiki sa
This is not accurate
In the video it shows that all middle east is muslim
But its not there's alot of christians bcuz heyy jesus was born in the middle east !!!
curva sud
the religion of god is islam
Mohammad Sohel
Where is #pubg #tiktok user list
zia khan
I am human and muslim. It depends on how deep you argue with me.
Shani Chaudhry
InshaALLAH one Day Muslim All around the World
MTL Goon
Bull. Shit. Christianity spread from the middle east not Greece
Nitin Sen
Green Poison!
Hendrik Frans
I had enough with religion. I was a Buddhist, but as I got deeper into (nowadays) Buddhism, I got pretty tired.

I love the philosophical side of it. But somehow Buddhism nowadays full of Hierarchy and I don't really like the idea of "Monk" and looking up the monk.
The Hopeful
Those who Controls the Jerusalem, they rule the world.
When Jerusalem was in Muslim controls we dominated the world.

India was Ours when Jerusalem was ours.

ALLAH has given all the blessings of world in Al Quds(Jerusalem).

Ya Al Quds we will die for.

Three city for which Muslim should die for defending them.
1. Mecca
2. Medina
3. Al Quds(Jerusalem)

Ya Muslemeen start Jihad for Jerusalem
The Hopeful
After Islam Age of Discovery begins.
Delbert Tube
From 300 AD to 1300 indonesia should be hindu or buddhist before the muslims arrived
Nur Nabi
Why you show to Bangladesh is Hinduism . Bangladesh is a Muslim country.
akeel nagavi
Islam jindabad
SchnitzelBerry 13
The ocean is the best religion here 🙂 very beautiful color. Btw I'm not a pirate and I'm not Moana. Israel also looks really nice 🇮🇱
Fikri Mixer
So tell me, before that no one believe in god? Ofcourse there is. There are humans living before that. So i can confirm that THIS is NOT the full story of how the religion grow!
komang hansen
*Christianity growing so fast*
Bin laden:hold my zam zam wate... Oh wait HOLD MY BOMB MUHAMMAD WE GOT SOME JOB TO DO
Jal Patel
THE first religion is Hinduism of Course!!!?!!!
The Hopeful
The only religion that can unite every other religion against itself is ISLAM.
Christian and Jews were enemies for Thousands of years but they are United against Islam.

Buddhists and Hindus were enemies for thousands of years but they are united against Islam.

Islam has the power to fight every false religion with its truth and purity.
The Hopeful
Islam will dominate every other religion, even if disbelievers dislike it.
Triumphala Darkshadow
Reminds me of plaque inc
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10 Countries You Didn't Know Existed Animated map shows how religion spread 4 months ago   09:30

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