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Brilliant Ideas From Different | How To Think Like An Engineer In 100 Photographs - At Up-Tube.com

Brilliant Ideas From Different How To Think Like an Engineer In 100 Photographs 2 days ago   04:06

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#tooco Brilliant Ideas From Different Countries That Can Make our Lives Easier

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Comments 45 Comments

0:13 thank the bus driver
EmberWindyhollow AJ
2:57 we have that here in England, too!!
bhozz khilla
well 50% of this video is fake!
Mr. Forrest
Dercorta -Noyokami [Boy/Teen/Prince Of Neko ́s]
in germany are female parking too.
Jerry Rivera
2:18 i seen the same thing in New York USA not impressed. Try again
Thats in alot of countries
Sophie Sherzai
3:01 We have that in Redondo Beach.
Zoom Gameplay
Sometimes human laziness will make us more creative. People are very intelligent and create many things that seem impossible.
Shannon Molino
Septa buses in Philly have USB ports
Minho's hair
In the UK yes we have golden postboxes but the Nintendo one we used to have stuff like that its not very common anymore unfortunately 😭
Mistress Morrigan
I'm in Chicago, and am so used to the bicycle lights, don't other places have that? Not that idiots on bikes actually pay attention to them, so they're actually kind of useless. Maybe in a culture where bicyclists don't continually just piss off pedestrians and drivers it might work better.
natt tomes
the one at 4:48 is sexist
Alexandra Windfeather
So I mean it doesn't make the life easier and I don't know if this is only in Germany or if it even is in Germany and not just our town but anyway
We have the signs for disabled parking space that actually say "wenn du meinen parkplatz nimmst dann nimm auch meine behinderung"
Which basically means 'If you take my parking space then also take my disability'

I think these signs are gold, they should be everywhere..
Joni Buntinx
I love this kind of video's. Can you make more of them?
Hamster Lauren
I live in the UK and never heard of the post box one

I guess my local area isn't very good for sports ppl
kyria ariel.
Gotta thank that bus driver.
Ian Bonnar
00:14 so that's where the Fortnite island is.
Jon anderson
Women have equal rights here in the USA, so the parking spaces allocated for women that are close to the exits should be a no no.
Inam Syed
Anyone who this channel is dead is stupid and

Your 2019 and 2020 is cursed lozers
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How To Think Like an Engineer In 100 Photographs Brilliant Ideas From Different 2 days ago   11:04

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