How I became a victim of the Tesla system Surviving winter with a Tesla 5 months ago   10:50

Rich Rebuilds
Update on my missing Tesla model X. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. It does. Also special guest appearance by Momma Rebuild

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Rey Yakko
Ever get it?
Sandy BoleYT
He tryna send people to space but he can’t put you in a car.

Sums up the whole situation
Hesitated to sell all my Tesla stock during these last few weeks of downhill red. This video just convinced me my favorite car brand is most likely headed the way of the Delorean.
Zachary Foster
id have threatened to run a chargeback on the credit charge if you didn't get it in the 30 days
Makes me never want to buy a Tesla & as much as I think E cars are the future I don't believe Tesla is apart of that.
trey jasso
I can’t believe how miserable this buying experience is! I hope I never have this experience.
How he felt it is necessary to mention that they changed the two front tires :) I can do that in 5 minutes...
Guri Snowpaw
Your mom is precious and I love her.
Do you think they are purposely f'ing with you? I could see Elon going out of his way to mess with you.
Tj reid
I wouldn't jump through this much Hoops for used car I would have cancelled the order within the first month used cars don't take this long to get or brand new cars so I've been out of this deal we finished the third week
Maybe for Christmas 2020...
Ahmad Qardahji
The dealer experience is even worse than the online experience. I put the holding deposit on a 2019 long range model S. After I payed the deposit, the sales person just ghosted me out. And hey, he also is very misinformed, he quoted me $103k for my trade in, but when the trade in team at Tesla called me, they offered $86k, and they were telling me that if the car if financed, it might change the estimate (lol!). I cancelled my order, they said my holding deposit is going to take about 6 weeks to be processed, and that I cannot get any cancellation emails until the sales manager approves my cancellation, that all being said, when in the sale policy it says, cancel anytime, hassle free, before you pick up the vehicle (even a week after pick up or 1000 miles). They are very shady, feels like it's being run by colleague students who have no idea about sales and customer experience.
Doug Kenyon
Moms are great. Fanbois not so much. Any transaction should assume some minimal level of customer service no matter the business which at the very least includes being given the item you've paid for. Seems pretty basic.
holy shit why would anyone even bother buying one with such awful customer service
Don’t blame Elon... he is my hero, greatest man alive
Steve, TheDailyShaver
get your money back and buy a real car you can fix yourself you idiot! serves you right otherwise
You are a great story teller! This sucks. I don't get the electric car push. At the end of the day I would be willing to bet that my Cummins diesel is cleaner than any electric vehicle once you factor in the electric production and parts production to produce a Tesla. Zero emissions my arse..
blaine pond
you know Momas always right
Nathan Anderson
sounds like the dealership is less stressful! This can't be said very often.
Hisham Al Mehemdy
Why repeat the previous video?
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Surviving winter with a Tesla How I became a victim of the Tesla system 5 months ago   14:07

Video on how winter in my RWD Tesla Model S is going so far. I had no idea what I was doing to I had to talk to a pro about it. Hope you find this video useful in some way.

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