How I became a victim of the Tesla system Surviving winter with a Tesla 2 weeks ago   10:50

Rich Rebuilds
Update on my missing Tesla model X. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. It does. Also special guest appearance by Momma Rebuild

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Michael Weibel
Never going to deal with this, never ever going to buy one
Eric Muniz
I hope this can go viral for you and to also help others that deal with this type of behavior to paying customers.
Kris G
These Tesla should easy make 1 million miles batterys that's where reliability is unknown
Sounds like you were catfish.
Apa Apsson
its sad that you have to make a youtube video, get alot of attention, before they even open thier eyes. think of all the others who don´t i bet they shit on those poor peoples.
tommy aronson
This guy is the biggest telsa troll.
tommy aronson
What a whiner
joel fildes
It’s a shame you had your Mom with you,otherwise you could have consoled yourself with a trip to HOOTERS next door to to the Tesla dealers...
G Wernette
Elon saw your videos and then directed his staff to put as much bureaucratic red tape in the way as possible.
Baron von Limbourgh
I do like tesla and love what they are doing. They are still a new company and growing extremely fast no matter how you twist it and when buying a tesla you should expect things might not go as smooth as when dealing with mercedes for example.

But stuff like this is COMPLETELY unexceptable for any company no mater how new a company is. This does show their priorities are in the wrong places. You simply can not treat your customers this way and expect to be seen as a respectable brand.
I would have just told them to keep the car and go fuck themselves..
Pedro Graça
And I thought that the buying process of a Tesla in Portugal was bad because their pretty new in the market.
Looks like it’s a Tesla problema around the world. The car is awesome but horrible sales process. Have bought lots of cars from different brands and Tesla has been by far the worst buying process. You should not feel this way on the day you pick up your brand new car.
andrás csont
they sound like those indian scammers
Mr. Redline
It would have been easier to contact a classic car dealer and buy a real car 😂 jk
No really I'd be in deep depression if I had to wait months for something that I'm not sure if it's even going to be given to me.
Analog AI
Be aware Tesla's 70-point inspection is a joke (unless you can get them to give you a copy of the details, which you CAN'T). I became a victim of the "70-point inspection passed" promise on a discounted store-demonstration-car. After driving for half a month with a very slight vibration, I took the Model X into Tesla and the 22" rim was discovered as "dented and unbalanceble rim" after I had driven it off the lot. I was forced to keep the dented rim or pay $3000 for x2 22" rim replacement. From now on, given any CPO or demonstration car with large rims I would recommend you making Tesla take the rims off and balance them before taking delivery.

Long Story: I took delivery of the demonstration car after they had to fix major rim curb rash (coincidentally on the 2 later discovered damaged rims; the guy who did the cosmetic repair did a fantastic job), but did not suspect rim damage nor took it on a high speed test-drive myself. I suspect neither high-speed driving/vibration test nor wheel balancing was performed and asked them for the report: They refused. I pushed for releasing the detailed report not just give me a "it passed" answer, and no matter what I argued, Tesla will not release the details of the inspection report and the policy is firm. Their argument is that the car was in their ownership when the inspection was performed and the report is "Tesla Property". The customer service rep said it with a straight face with a fear that he would be fired if he had shown me the report that he was holding. Be warned! do not trust their "it passed" promise, unless you magically can "steal" a copy from Tesla on information about the car you just bought.
Lee Wood
You need to cancel the order...

Tesla doesn’t deserve your money 💰
Matthew Swan
TESLA = Too Egotistical Start-up Lacking Ambition
Sebastian Towles
Really milking this situation, still interesting as hell tho
Greg S
don't panic
Those rims... What sort of Tesla drivers are out there?
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Surviving winter with a Tesla How I became a victim of the Tesla system 2 weeks ago   14:07

Video on how winter in my RWD Tesla Model S is going so far. I had no idea what I was doing to I had to talk to a pro about it. Hope you find this video useful in some way.

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