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Driving an electric car, more specifically a Tesla, is a really eye-opening experience. They eliminate so many of the downsides that gasoline cars have and really push the envelope as it relates to technology. But what are they really like to live with and are they practical to own right now?

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Judge Dredd
I charge my iphone to 80%
Cosimo Reale
I randomly skimmed through this video up to 6 minutes. That’s when i has to take it off. What the hell is this guy talking about. To stick around and watch the entire video with this guy talking, ones life must be pretty fu**ed up!!!
Doesn't it suck to keep charging it all the time vs a regular gasoline car?
Mikeman Jordan
Absolutely love your been ruckus v8,who cares what idiots judge. They going to do that no matter what.
Mikeman Jordan
The car is bad ass but that electric charging!
Ashley Brust
My Volkswagen has automatic wipers and I have the exact same problem. Thought it was great considering I live in Oregon but man it’s just better to manually turn them on/off
Knight Hood
android phones are no good for this cars!
Ron Alaska
I hate driving gas cars after driving my electric, I miss the regen braking!
Ron Alaska
I can’t believe he rents white seat cars!
Jesus Arambula
How did you get your rims like that?
John Reff
Honestly I have the 240 mile range model and I am I drive very conservatively I will probably get around 200 actual miles of range
John Reff
Why are you only getting 30 or 35 miles at night? I get 6 mph on a regular 110 plug
Letme Getsome
He's a unsafe driver
Marlo Cantor Jr.
Which one should i get?? A 2020 Camaro 2SS Convertible or a 2020 Tesla Model 3 AWD Long Range?? Which one is funner and cooler?? Please help lol
Wally G.
Just ordered my X Performance in Red. Can’t wait to get it. ❤️
Arnold Alt
Can you smoke the tires?
Snapzinc S
Ik a lot about Tesla because my Grandmother owns a model X. The only thing i’m curious how big the energy bill is. (without solar panels on your house.)
Michael M
Yes, it's your phone. 11:50
Cameron Doane
Omg my auto wiper sucks on my model S. It’s awful. Glad it’s not just my car
Debra Handel
2 errors I noted right off the bat. Most homes have a 220, 3 prong outlet (dryer/refridg type) that charge far faster than the 110 outlet getting double or more of his stated charge range per night. @nd; one DOES NOT have to touch the screen to manually use wiper! The left stalk on steering wheel when depressed makes wiper go. His lack of familiarity with some settings and functions caused most of his difficulty. Like many of us who own the Model 3, we are lacking in reading the manual!
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Can Gigafactory Shanghai Fix Tesla's Money Here Is What Living with 2 days ago   13:40

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