Everything Wrong With Monsters Everything Wrong With Bad Moms 1 year ago   18:01

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Another Pixar sequel that really does little justice to the original, Monsters University has plenty of sins.

Thursday: Action-y sins of patriotic-ness!

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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13:47; That shouldn't count as a sin, It's implied miscommunication. Mike had no idea that sully was his friend, and that the whole time, even after the "monster's inc. exchange" Mike still saw Sully as a stupid kid who has been handed everything. I swear you guys make some dumb sins sometimes.

And i know you dont give a rats ass about this comment, but I just wanna say that It's obvious you guys just don't care anymore and shit these out for the sake of following the current film.

Video Sin Counter: 7
You should take off a sin because mike in the beginning looks so cute
Venom ous
"Human children are toxic," Us gamer can totally agree to that
Isaac Beasley
To be honest if anything came out of my closet I wouldn’t scream I’d cry and run out yelling what the fuck
*15 or less*

*18 mins tho*
Andy Blanton
1142 or f*cking
theawosomeironlego Lewis
Fur is resseive
Elizabeth Loves Sprinkles
Introducing the newest scarer, Shrek Wazowski
Deepuk Batish
During the hide and seek event, the reason Randy hid inside the lamp was to cover up his shirt while he was invisible
Chase Pattison

His mustache....
It’s batman.........
Eminem Awol27
Your such a buzzkill😂
Cory Thomas
The monster inc 1 DVD had a section that whent over the history if anyone is interested
Noah & Clyde Music
Maybe Mike is the cacodemon from DOOM.
B briggs
One of my favorite rewatchable movies ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
King Hater
I have the worst idea in the world...
A horror movie with the power of the doors (the doors who lead directly in a child room)..........
Mr Login
2:55 acctually in the first movie we see that they work with a giant monster, in the scene where they are going to work on foot.
Alex Riptide
They don't scare adults because adults are more likely to remember them and be listened to.
Mando 80
You missed a sin
When the “pig” bit Mike, they reused the Mike Wazowski scream from Monsters, Inc.
If this universe was real, just cover your floor with your children's (or, if you're like me, use your legos and toys) and cover the floor with them. Boom. Anti monster. Then, kill it or knock it out with your bat. If you knocked out, send it back with a warning to the monsters. If you killed it, send it's body back, or keep it's head and hang it somewhere. Now you're safe from monsters.
Avery Merrick
This film is a lot better than expected.
Better than most recent sequels.
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Everything Wrong With Bad Moms Everything Wrong With Monsters 1 year ago   18:21

This might be the laziest movie to ever be a box office hit and inspire a quick sequel... wait... I forgot about Daddy's Home. Anyway... this is a piece of crap. Sins aplenty. So on and so forth.

Next week: Recent-ish comedy sins, recent action sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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