How to Paint Brake Calipers Fast Detailing the DIRTIEST Car in History! 5 months ago   07:03

Paint your brake calipers to keep them looking good and rust free. This video will give you the outline of what you would need to do to paint your own brake calipers. I go over the tools and supplies you will need, the different steps it will take to get a good finish and you can see what the results look like.

Here is the spray paint I used (It comes in other colors too):

Paint Your Brake Drums:
How to change Front and Rear Brake Pads and Rotors:
How to bleed/flush your Brakes:
Paint Your Brakes:
Drum Brake Replacement: Cylinder Replacement:
How to Replace a Brake Caliper:

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Igor Bogordetski
to stu..d alcoJim: the older alcohol the better taste
Kevin Traschler
I used clear and red Swarovski crystals for my wife’s brake calipers..
Marcin Rutkowski
in the shop I ask for paint for breaks and rotor, I did the job and after I noticed that paint is up to 500F ...On paint, itself is saying for breaks and rotors but 500 is not 2000 ...logically it should be ok, I'm not a heavy driver, but in worst case scenario anybody knows what can happen ..will I have this paint on fire for few minutes ?? :)
Танкист Disilberg
Gut 👍👍👍
Microsoft Windows 9 ™
i used this on my 350z
Robron Hoodlum
The only thing that looks different, is the rotors in the before and after pictures. Shouldve used red paint. It stands out more.
you have definitely gotten better and more enthusiastic at narrating your videos. I look at this one then I go to the Prius video and I just hear the difference. Good job Chris
Ryan Marshall
Was looking for rebuild kits but I drive a Honda Accord not a racecar so I don't want red calipers, looks like I'm gonna have to do this right... Sand blast the 13 years of rust off then paint! Great video!
Kyle Logan
People when you spray paint do not spot spray like this guy is doing. Keep the spray going constantly and wish across back n forth. Dont spray one spot, stop, and spray another spot. Thats how you get uneven colors, coverage, and possible spotting or dripping. Also the finish will look like crap. And color does not affact performance ahahahahah. But red blue or green calipers do lool pretty wikid.
Ryan Jackson
Would you recommend adding a clear coat
Marco Pilipovic
Man you came such a long way from such videos to your current ones. Thank you for all the great content.. and also such ;) thumbs up.
How did you tape off the rotor hat for painting? I assume not just any kind of tape could be used on the rotor surface itself as it may leave a residue. Also, how well does this paint hold up to salt from all us Salt Belt Dwellers?
Juan Cabeza
Your quick sprays sounded like a Choo Choo I’m thinking of Choo Choo trains.
Noah Freeman
Battery drill with wire wheel.
Divine Siffy
why did chris not use primer before because i’ve seen other videos where they use primer before the colour coat
Could you use a rotary tool instead of a wire brush?
Jason Loera
If you would’ve used clear coat after, would it have made it glossy?
westcoastauto specialties
Wonder if u could paint them with that heat color changing paint
Вячеслав Захматов
А еще лучше не допускать до такого состояния.
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Detailing the DIRTIEST Car in History! How to Paint Brake Calipers Fast 5 months ago   08:51
Watch as we take this 1982 Mercedes 190E and give it a full exterior and interior detail!

Our Craftsman Auto Detailing Training Students had the opportunity to learn the proper detailing procedures on this filthy Mercedes! Watch as our team of expert trainers and Craftsman students bring this 190E back to life!

You won't believe the transformation! We used all Detail King products and equipment to bring this Mercedes back to life! For information on all of the products used in the video, click here!