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Film Theory: Are Shane Dawson's | Film Theory: Zootopia's Dark - At Up-Tube.com

Film Theory: Are Shane Dawson's Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK 9 months ago   17:39

The Film Theorists
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Millions of people tuned in to watch Shane Dawson investigate Jake Paul...and Jeffree Star... AND TanaCon. Shane has made himself the go-to guy for YouTuber controversy coverage but is that a GOOD thing? Shane himself admitted his bias on many occasions when it comes to the subjects of his series. He has a lot at stake to make sure that YouTubers want to work with him in the future on more of these docu-series. Does that mean that he may be warping the truth? Does that make his videos DANGEROUS? Let's find out!

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Tabitha pike
Posted on my birthday!! 😂
Breanna Ledbetter
First of all, i drink coke and stay up till 11pm and what are pajamas? Smh
austin clear
its lampshading on lampshading its like a 16 lampshade
Madeleine Heath
Morgan Freeman or Niel deGrass Tyson are always doing documentaries. I have respect for both of them.
Terry L
Liberals control 90% of media most major companys are liberal control....who controls the adds again?
Derpy Fresh170
It could also be David Attenburogh
Hector Herrera
I'm mean jake
Hector Herrera
anarchist burrito
MatPat is a father?
Thegpshow 2197
The most inspiring video on the channel so far according to me
Gaming with Keziah
shane is just to nice and loving he dosent have the balls to ruien sombodys carier ok HE IS TO NICE
Benjamin Goodman
Ollie better not be a mini Jake pauler
Lechicki Komunista
so... propaganda
shiny gizmo580
Noooo keep it going play matpat 😟😟😟😟
Isabelle Ruley
Ur just jealous cause he’s better then you
Exoxe Blue
Am I literally the only one that watches conventional (eg; shown on the BBC) history documentaries out of choice?
That priming moment... It actually worked on me, Jeezus, That was well done! I actually covered my eyes because i generally hate Horror.
Ki Lime
All these YouTubers are big shots with lots of money too...so all I'm saying is it's entirely possible that they paid Shane Dawson to do this for them
Annie Elana Loki seymour
yeaaahhh!! i just love shane
Mine Buster 12
i know that's why i don't except most of your theories as fact because most of them seem insane
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Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK Film Theory: Are Shane Dawson's 9 months ago   12:52

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Zootopia, has something for everyone: cute bunnies, a positive message, and CRACK COCAINE! How much do you really know about this new Disney classic? I got way more than I bargained for after comparing this story to actual historical events and outlining the real themes of race, drugs, and crime that you can see in the movie. Take a look and see how far down the rabbit hole of Zootopia really goes...

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