Film Theory: Are Shane Dawson's Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK 3 months ago   17:39

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Millions of people tuned in to watch Shane Dawson investigate Jake Paul...and Jeffree Star... AND TanaCon. Shane has made himself the go-to guy for YouTuber controversy coverage but is that a GOOD thing? Shane himself admitted his bias on many occasions when it comes to the subjects of his series. He has a lot at stake to make sure that YouTubers want to work with him in the future on more of these docu-series. Does that mean that he may be warping the truth? Does that make his videos DANGEROUS? Let's find out!

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Bannana Fafanna
its still entertaining so i dont really care tbh
z o - w e w e
Honestly people have insecurities and some people don't understand that but Shane did an awesome job at the series he and Andrew have to edit that whole series and he even said that he likes things that are creepy so it's not unlike him to have scary music and in the series he said that the clips he uses of YouTubers are just used for content he wasn't saying they were a sociopath and honestly Shane Dawson channel isn't an expose channel so even though some people didn't like what he made it is still something that was really good and Shane loves creating videos he dose t have to post things so honestly why can't people let people do what they love doing I know that no one will ever be pleased but asking Shane for so much is kinda rude when he is already doing a lot 🙄
Caleb Calderon
MatPat is kinda like Socrates from Greece because he wants us to always ask questions
Memes n Shet
*Moth meme anyone?*
I think it was relevant at the time lol
sylveon cutieX
Yay shane love it
Wendy Heng
I didn't watch any of them except for Jeffree stars's
Ughh I wish he went back to his Vlog Squad, or spooky boIs
Tabby Rose
Saw Shane and HAD to watch...
Makenna Queen
The thing for me is I don’t think shane is lying, he’d just biased because he feels sympathetic towards the people he interviews
Jenna Rieke
If Shane and MattPatt did a collab I would DIE of happiness
Unicorn cia
Me at the beginning of the video::: MatPat better not be trying to come for QUEEN SHANES WEAVE XD 😂 lol
Natalie B
Shane is not a threat😠
Fandom Entertainment
Do you think he’ll talk about Shane’s Conspiracy Series from 2019?
Finn The Creator
Matt is cringed and lampshades. Lol jk
Jordan Williams
Ayee the dark souls library.
Serenity Animations
Don't believe everything as fact hmm?
Sounds a whole lot similar to shane's don't believe everything you see.....
Conspiracy? I think not
Erikka Juvonen
I think Shane should of investigated Logan Paul instead. He the more controversial brother in my opinion. I think Shane is just a nervous guy and genualy a nice caring person. I think he is very smart. He makes you think, think enough to make a video criticising Shane.. lol
Navy Gaming
I like the long videos. Sorry, just wanted to say that.
The OddTeen
Lamp shading? I call that the Eminem Rap Battle Technic
catty cat
I dont know who these ppl are but i wanted to see a theory from game theory
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Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK Film Theory: Are Shane Dawson's 3 months ago   12:52

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