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Neo MarvDc
Jason Momoa is Such a Cool Guy
Theory: Jason Momoa is not human. He's a God living amongst us

Last words of every Avenger who died in Avengers: Infinity War

Gamora and Vision deatha scene -avengers infinity war 2018

spiderman vs captain america - captain america civil war

avengers infinity war titan fight scene -avengers infinity war(2018) HD

avengers infinity war- Last words of every Avenger who died in Avengers: Infinity War

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Neo MarvDc
jason momoa - His journey from Hawaii’s best model to Aquaman

Best of Spider Man from Infinity War 2018
Marisa Caetano
Jason Momoa is like a child stuck in a really big body
Dude, this guy is HUGE & awesome!
Muscle Bro's
The Men 😎
Sumeet Sharma
i still don't wish to hangout with him!
Jennifer Lee
can you subscribe me please?
The video is good, but still a click bait
The guy's got the mother of dragons and the queen of Atlantis.
Stephen Hill
Every dude is allowed a man crush....right? I mean I’m just asking, for a friend.
Carrie Poe
You wouldn’t have to ask me twice to hang out with Jason Momoa! He’s my kind of man. I’d want him to talk to me in his Game of Thrones character voice. Oh yeah! 😍
rocky balboa
Nasty fellow..
Truly Magical
Can have it all but marries the old crusty Cosby chick wtf is wrong with him
Mali Sawmi
Why is no one talking about Jason squeling "i love you too ~~" 🙊💞
Salazar Salazar
Jason's a fun lovin savage he's all about having a good time i dig that about him I'd love to ride with jason you're the man bro respect
vicky rako
He’s is as Hot as they come he seems like a really down to Earth normal Guy that’s Hot as Anything lucky Wife ?
Aleto. Kin.
Defender of the deep
Taylor Swift
He is my crush
I wonder if he is like this at home? If he is, his kids are so damn lucky!!!!! Lisa Bonet seems relaxed and chill, he is like a big kid! I bet they have all sorts of fun!
Endah Rismala
This Man so...AWESOME 😍
Chris Hemsworth and Jason Mamoa are two 7 year old boys stuck in grown men's bodies😂😂😂
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Funniest Prank at Movie Theater you'll wish you could hang 1 day ago   01:49

Funniest Prank at Movie Theater
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