FC Barcelona ● 30 Goals Impossible to Forget El resumen del 2018 de Leo Messi 3 months ago   15:45

Messi Magic™
Best Goals Ever in Football Club Barcelona History || Barca Most Amazing Unforgettable Goals Ever Scored in History ||

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Messi Magic™
This is only my 2nd Barca video, how is the quality?
Nicola Orru'
Barcellona:Crujf Maradona rivado Ronaldo Ronaldinho Messi Xavi Inniesta ..manca solo Pele'
all i see is ajax football :D they really learned it from the best :)
Evie Ayres
How much goals have you done
Fan Barcelona
Cales Puyol XDD 2:56
Alfonso fernandez
Si vas para figura y quieres ser una estrella el Barcelona es garantia de exito.
Yves Hermann Essan
9:10 sorry boateng and neuer mdrrrr!!!!
9:36 supernatural wow!!!
14:30 ok messi !
Can U give me Name of the song pls
Henry Meyer
David Villa, Iniesta, Xavi and Messi.. best Combo ever in Football.. unbeatable
Shook One
I suppose you can’t make a ‘best of Barça’ video without Messi populating the majority of the video. He is, quite simply, the greatest of all time.
awesome video, every goal is great! except the 1st penalty, dont humiliate a fellow professional like that.
iyan rusyana
Song ?
Craft VN
00:07 When did the football match happen?
Tariq Chaos
Messi is one of the greatest athletes in human history
Nice goals, awful noisetrack.
DragMeToHell 666
I had to recheck the video I was watching around the end of the video because they were all clips of Messi
stupid camera change
Live Show Thể Thao
Juventus 3-0 Atlеtіcо 13/3/2019
Fk2002 /kh
Messi in the best 🤩🤩🤩
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El resumen del 2018 de Leo Messi FC Barcelona ● 30 Goals Impossible to Forget 3 months ago   05:15

Tres títulos, el nacimiento de su tercer hijo, distinciones individuales y muchos récords: el 2018 de Leo Messi estuvo cargado de emociones. Repasa los momentos más importantes del año.

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