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At PaleyFest LA on March 22, 2019, cast member Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) talks about the evolution of his character and how he has become wiser.

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Angela Kang
Norman Reedus
Ryan Hurst
Christian Serratos
Eleanor Matsuura
Lauren Ridloff

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Théo Santos
Algum br por aq??
Jon Doe
The writers so fucked this show in the last 4 seasons. Every second scene isnt needed, the vocabulary of Charakters is poor an repetitive, no complex developments, every charakter is becoming a thin platic sheet version of themselves. The wrong charakters were killed. I wonder who even manages the good scenes last seasons, cause that writing was bullshit for the most part. Stop pushing them, finally some critic has to reach their ears. Boring fights, bad camera work, actors dont even wanna speak the script
And you notice. Ftwd had like np depth at all
Since season 4. just stop makin 15 episodes, if you dont have the input for it. Just stop these nonsense face shots and poor bullshit writing omfg. Silly 70s/80s style prototype writing
horse lover Sweden
The Paley Center for Media
Watch the full event on PaleyTV:
Έφη Μπακή
pink fluffy unicorn
Funny how the best character currently in TWD isn't even supposed to be in it
matt holt
hey if yall are gona keep daryl darylll...can u give daryl his mean streak back from season 1 to season 2 please... the old daryl wouldve fucked negan up along time ago with his he did tp that kid in the barn when he needed information....
Aniket Belsare
This man is beyond great actor to me.... Perfect character and perfect acting
K Puertas
You know...
Tio Daryl
Happiness A Lifestyle
Daryl has become such a strong, lovable character over yrs, if not for him, I would have missed Rick, although i still do but atleast we have Daryl, Michone and Carol.. He explained his journey so well about transformation of Daryl, they really live that character in their head.
Who is Ángela kang
Dave Darosa
I love Daryl!! But he was much better as a secondary character.
We dont eat squirrel... ... Deer, Duck, Quail, Frog, Crawdad, and Snake maybe a few other things. But we dont squirrel hunt.
I find this just fascinating! Angela Kang is brilliant and Norman Reedus, well, the name speaks for itself😎😍🥰😘
Patty Roach
I miss the Dynamic acting with Andy, Jon and Norman. It's not there now. NEVER will be again. 😢
Thank you to Kang for bringing us back true Walking dead. Hope it gets even better from here
cadu mundo dos primos santos
Legendas por favor????
Jun hee Bae
Imagine if there was a young female version of Daryl, who can manage living on her own, with a lot of survival hunting gear. Living on top of trees
Jay Rock
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Siddiq BETRAYED the Survivors Theory The Walking Dead - Norman Reedus 1 day ago   10:20

Today we discuss the insane theory that suggests Siddiq's story at the end of season 9 episode 15 wasn't as truthful as you'd like to think. This theory suggests Siddiq had some hand in determining who ended up on the pikes in the end of season 9 episode 15. We also discuss how Siddiq's false story would come out later down the line in season 10.

Do you agree with this theory? Do you believe Siddiq was telling the complete truth? Do you think he's lying? Do you think he knew something else about the pikes? Let me know down in the comments below! Thanks for watching!

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