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Expecting to teach enhances learning and organization of knowledge in free recall of text passages.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard

Sleep makes relearning faster and longer-lasting

Want to Learn a New Skill? Faster? Change Up Your Practice Sessions

Mnemonic vocabulary instruction: Additional effectiveness evidence

The production effect: delineation of a phenomenon.

The Production Effect in Memory: Evidence That Distinctiveness Underlies the Benefit

Why do beliefs about intelligence influence learning success? A social cognitive neuroscience model.

Exercise holds immediate benefits for affect and cognition in younger and older adults.

Subjective thirst moderates changes in speed of responding associated with water consumption

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Aromatic Alpha
Is byonce an Alein
Yeon Kimin
I always forget everything so I put reminders on my arms with pen
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Abacus Zone
Abacus Zone
Very Awesome video ...!! Superb
Aashish Sharma
dislikers are slow learners
karolis petukauskas
Best way to learn fast is

Shadow clone jutsu
Lourenço Drogas
Me: *sees if you drink water you do better on tests* Me (right before test): *chugs the whole ocean*
Elliez c:
Bad Bitch
LightningSlash 5
Just listen to teachers lol
By first put your phone away
Jones ZE
1. Skip the Laptop
Study sleep study
Modify Practice
Get some excercise
Mnemonic Device
Say it out loud
Stay hydrated
Reward Yourself
Thr Karina
My classmate also watching this..
Minion manly
So this will help me even tho I have autism?
Big Villos
Im dump af and i dunno what to do my parents are getting mad
Joseph Tamayo
Mike boyd: wow you told them the secret
GreekGamer11 1
I almost forgot what you was saying in the entire video in 2 minutes
I’m smart 3 smartest in the class
Easy I’m 8
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27 AWESOME HACKS YOU WISHED YOU'D How To Learn Faster 5 months ago   12:44


Watch our video and you will find mind-blowing hacks that will totally change your life!
Moreover, let’s test today some weird viral hacks that became enormously popular, but are you sure that they really work?
The first hack is that you can cut the watermelon with the help of dental floss and it really WORKS! So, you can cut a watermelon without a knife!
We tried to erase the permanent marker from the wood with sanitizer and it also WORKS! The next awesome lifehacks that we have tested is that lemon removes highlighter.
Everybody faced the situation when you borrow a book and it has tons of highlighting and other types of marks everywhere. A very annoying situation, isn’t it? We found that you can use lemon juice to erase highlighter and checked this lifehack. So, you will need lemon juice and a cotton swab. We tested and it WORKS!
Also, we checked an idea of making a custom t-shirt using crayon and sandpaper. And it WORKS! It’s an easy and cheap idea how to renew your old or boring t-shirt just in 5 minutes. Watch full tutorial in our video!
We need to sleep at least for 7 hours every day to look good in the morning, but sometimes we work or study till late or can’t stop watching a favorite TV show. So, you will see dark circles in the morning. Ugh! So, let’s test the viral recipe how to get rid of dark circles using tomato and toothpaste. And it DOESN’T WORK!
Be crafty and watch cool toilet paper roll tricks we prepared for you! Toilet paper rolls are surprisingly versatile and free item to reuse at home. Curl your hair using toilet paper roll!
If you are a true Harry Potter fan, it’s time to show your love with our Harry Potter Halloween decorations. Make floating candles out of paper towel rolls and flameless tea lights. They look adorable! Use chopsticks, hot glue, and twine to make wands. Put glue on the chopstick, add twine and glue the magnet to the top. Paint the wand with a coat of paint and let dry. Check out full tutorial in our video!

Share what lifehacks you have tested in the comments!
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00:10 Dental floss instead of a knife?
01:25 Lemon removes highlighter
02:29 Oreo mascara
06:13 Harry Potter Halloween décor
10:43 Smart hack for cat owners

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