danielle cohn's relationship is officially kendall jenner's brave coming 2 days ago   04:06


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i just wanna save the cat-
fero x arbenita
what is this girl doing with her future
ecxa santos
This is FBI open up.
dan gasim
no matter how old she is dani is always 13
Gucci Gluestick
For those who say she looks too old to be 13, I know MULTIPLE people who are 11 or 12 and look 15
Im 15 I'm a normal gay boy and here she is getting a fake marriage *wtf*
Made In Jikook
and here i am, 14 years old, still acts like a child and is practically a ghost that wears loose clothes. i don't even give a f at boys :|
Aesthetic Subs and Bundles
Us: Daniele Cohn is so annoying!

Also us: clicks this video, wondering what her tea is**

kiara Solares
Honey you can get it pierced when your like 11 because all you need is a parent signature 🤣
jungkooks body guard
She literally the same age as me meanwhile here I am watching spongebob and making pikachu face
Marceline Mavis
That cat is so cute. Underage skanks don’t deserve cute cats 😤 I want her freaking cat!!!
Rose Vids
Actually you don’t have to be 13 to get a belly button pierced, just a Parent/guardians consent. Let’s move on to the next lie.
Dorcas Winter
Using belly button piercings to prove your age is about as believable as Kylie Jenner being completely plastic surgery free. Go into the sketchiest alley and you’ll find some crackhead that will do it on a 2 year old.
Maria Stefania
Omg how dare Mikeys parents ruin your love life for the benefit of their child
yasmin unicorn
I hate liars everyone knows that you are 13 so you have 2 choises either stop lying about your age or admit it
Reedh Li
“I had to deal with some psychopaths” literally what a child would say
13 mATHA FAKIN years old I'm 14 and this is oTrAgeOuSE
Bored Nism
Why can't she act like normal teenager?
tall giraffe
Omg dani's cat is sooo cute 😻😺😻
Selena Bajaj
But ya all she’s not 13 u can definitely tell that
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kendall jenner's brave coming danielle cohn's relationship is officially 2 days ago   02:32

truly inspiring