The Three Tenors LONDON 1996 Luciano Pavarotti - 3 Tenors - Yokohama 7 months ago   1:25:55

Richard Chapel
James Levine conducts and The Three Tenors perform at Wembley Stadium, London in July 1996 (FULL CONCERT).

List of arias:
1. Candide overture
2. Jose Carreras - E la solita storia del pastore
3. Luciano Pavarotti - Mamma! Quel vino è generoso
4. Placido Domingo - O souverain, o juge, o pere
5. MEDLEY, Because, La Danza, Be My Love, Marrechiarre,
Te Quiero Dijiste, Torna a Surriento,
6. Placido Domingo - Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
7. Luciano Pavarotti – Mamma
8. Jose Carreras – Granada
9. Placido Domingo – E Lucevan le stelle
10. Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma
11. Jose Carreras – Un di all’azzurro spazio
12. MEDLEY – Maria, Tonight, O paese D’O Sole, Cielito Lindo,
Moon River, Caminito, Mattinata, Amapola, O Sole Mio,
13 ENCORE1 – La Donna è Mobile, Torna a Surriento,
14. ENCORE2 – Maria, Tonight, O paese D’O Sole, O Sole Mio.

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Paulo Barbosa
Minha voz é semelhante a de Luciano Pavarotti
yolanda sanchez hernandez
qué pronunciación más perfecta la de Plácido en francés
Kevin PC
Jeanne Jay
Who knows Lim hyung-joo, who calls himself the King of popera and a world-class popera tenor?
Forging his career with fake news like "selected to one of 3 pop-opera tenor in the world" "named one of the top 5 classical-crossover singer in the world with Bocelli, Brightman, Il Divo and Grovan".
He announced that he had become a Grammy Award voting member, but that would be a lie
It was amaizing, it is amaizing and it will be amaizing always. Thanks God for their talent.
R. J. De la Hoya
la excelencia en la música.
Abraham Aguilar
40:34 Granada. Written by the Mexican composer Agustin Lara.
Maria Domingo
Jane CK.
September 2, 2019. Three tenors unsurpassed. These concerts were always as if coming from a different realm. What is difficult to understand are those 974 dislikes.
Eileen Spink
Pavarotti was a great singer and a wonderful man and agood friend to his fellow singers he is well miss by all who loved him
matt audigier
August 2019 still there. Just beyond of words.
Ilona Szivak
Unalmas zene mindig ismétlődik
Diana Davis
I have loved opera since my Grandpa introduced me to it, translating The Magic Flute for me while holding me on his lap. I think I was 6 at the time. It was magical. These 3 bring back the magic and beautiful music for me. My Grandpa is alive again passing along his love of music into my ear, along with sharing his tin of Altoids. He and my Great Grandfather Lace always carried them and both of them had a deep and abiding love of beautiful music. Opera and those candies bring them back for me. These men are music at its finest. Pavarotti was a loss to the world, he was a treasure. Domingo is like listening to an angel sing. Carrares is pretty darn good. I understand he did the three tenor concerts while recovering from leukemia.
László Bíró
Геннадий Поляков
сейчас наверно не кто лучше не поет
Matuko Dahara
New title: "The Two Tenors and Two Sexual Predators; LONDON, 1996 (FULL CONCERT)" They didn't call Placido the Spanish Fly for nothing, folks! And James Levine was sick, closeted fuck!
Stella Johnson
48:00 The Maestro! ♡♡♡ xx..
Touhami Sophiane
As wonderful as it was in my childhood memories
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