Michael Douglas reflects on his familys Clint Eastwood's women and 7 kids 2 days ago   01:45

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Michael Douglas is Hollywood royalty, the son of acting icon Kirk Douglas, and recently received his long overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Clint Eastwood's women and 7 kids Michael Douglas reflects on his familys 2 days ago   05:47

The name of Clint Eastwood is definitely associated with brutal and courageous hero of the Western movies. Having starting his career in the 1950s he acted in more than 60 movies, excluding TV series. He also contributed to the filmography as a director, producer and composer. To make the long story short, Clint Eastwood is the alive legend of Hollywood cinematography.

However, he left significant traces not only in history of the moviemaking, but also in lives of many women, he met in his life. Despite the fact that he was officially married only twice, “The Man with No Name” star had a great number of affairs, and became a father to seven children of five different women. Isn’t he Casanova?

In 1953, future Hollywood star met Margaret Neville "Maggie" Johnson, born 1931, on the blind date, They got married in 6 months, and were a husband and a wife for 31 years. Thus, not everything went smooth in their marriage, as Eastwood got in relationship with co-actress Roxanne Tunis, who soon gave birth to a baby girl. Maggie decided to divorce, but changed her mind and gave her family with Clint a chance. After this reunion, they welcomed two kids, but even their arrivals could not save the marriage.

In 1975, Clint Eastwood moved to live together with Sondra Locke, born in 1944. The famous womanizer claimed that Locke made him monogamous. In fact, it was true only for some time.
He was faithful to her, until he met Jacelyn Reeves, a stewardess, who gave birth to two Clint’s kids during the last three years of Clint’s relations with Sondra.

In 1990, the Hollywood legend started the relationship with Frances Fisher, born in 1952. They staged together in a movie “Unforgiven” and had a baby girl. Frances and Clint broke the relationship in 1995.

Dina Ruiz became second official wife to “Dirty Harry” star. They met in 1993 during the interview and in 1996 Eastwood proposed to future Mrs Ruiz Eastwood. The Hollywood icon claimed Dina was the woman he had been waiting for so long. Dina was really touched by the proposal, as the celebrity used to have a lot of long-term romances, but not marriages. Unfortunately, their union didn’t last forever, and in 2013 Dina filed for divorce and full custody over their daughter.

Since 2014, Clint Eastwood has been publicly linked with Christina Sandera, who is 33 junior. Christina was a hostess in one of Clint’s gorgeous hotels in California. Despite her angelic appearance, Christina is not that simple. Her previous marriage ended shortly by her arrest after the acquisition of domestic violence towards her husband. Nevertheless, maybe she is a perfect match for unfaithful Eastwood, isn’t she?

Now let’s talk about Clint’s children

Kimber Lynn Eastwood (daughter with Roxanne Tunis) was acknowledged Eastwood’s daughter when she was 25. She was born in 1964, when her starry father was still in wedlock.

Kyle Eastwood was born in 1968 in marriage with Eastwood’s first official wife Maggie. The first Eastwood’s son chose the career of musician for himself. He has also released 8 albums, gained the popularity as a jazz bass music player. Kyle also has a younger sister – Alison Eastwood, born in 1972. She is engaged in model business.

Scott Clinton Eastwood was born in 1986 to Jacelyn Reeves. He followed his remarkable father’s steps and made acting his lifework. He looks exactly like his dad. Scott’s latest movie is “The Longest Ride” released in 2015.

Kathryn Eastwood is Jacelyn and Clint’s daughter, born in 1988. She is an actress and has starred several movies. She also embarked on a writer career.

Actress Frances Fisher and the Oscar owner welcomed their daughter Francesca Eastwood in 1993. Being the daughter of two famous actors, she could not help choosing show business as a career.

Morgan Eastwood was born in 1996 to Oscar-winning legend and his second wife. She participated on TV show along with her mother and half-sister Francesca in 2012, and acted several small parts in her father’s films.