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N.y. Health Officials Blame | Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Help - At Up-Tube.com

N.Y. health officials blame Healthy lifestyle habits may help 1 day ago   08:24

CBS News
Vaccination protesters gathered at the New York State Capitol Tuesday to fight a bill that would end religious exemptions. It came as the Rockland County Health Commissioner said the "Peach" organization's spread of misinformation is to blame for the ongoing outbreak. Dr. Jon LaPook joined CBSN to discuss how to tackle the spread of false information.

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Dear journalists, i hope you sincerely like your investigative work to report true facts, so please check the following website, created by other true investigative honest journalists, please read carefully the documents they offer, and then you decide. https://icandecide.org/. Then, speaking again to your investigative soul, please also listen to the following interview and then you again decide if it's time or not to clarify once and for all one of the most dishonest representations that the mainstream media have been doing of a man, a real scientist. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/CYwdVY7fqhf. Thank you very much for your kind attention.
Coffin companies are going to love the antivaxx people.
The misinformation is coming from the CDC. It is well funded by big pharma.
5:49 "What went wrong" ... Vaccines are harming and killing people. That's what went wrong.
... there has never been one single placebo based trial that proves vaccines safe
... there are such ingredients as aluminum and mercury (thimerosal), etc. in vaccines
... you have companies who make products that they are not liable for
... doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who have no financial liability when they harm people with vaccines
... lives are being destroyed all the time from vaccines
... actual vaccine inserts say there are serious issues to consider when getting vaccines
... so many countries overwhelmingly disagree with U.S. vaccine policy
... there is a revolving door between regulatory agencies and vaccine companies
... real vaccine issues are not being addressed by those in power (see this list)
... there is so much influence peddling in D.C.
... vaccine makers, doctors, and politicians think people are stupid
... there are SO MANY OTHER REASONS to bring pause and investigate vaccines

What went wrong is a plethora of raging issues surrounding vaccines
Laura Larrett
CBS is spreading misinformation. You said Del Bigtree org was WELL FUNDED up to 1.5 million. WOW. The vaccine INDUSTRY IS 50 BILLION. The CDC is corrupt and has 50 vaccine patents so they push them. There is a revolving door between the CDC, FDA  and the vaccine industry. How much money does CBS get from Pharma.  What is your salary? You said there were only 250 people at the rally, when there was a crowd of over 1000. Can you count? Joseph Kennedy gets money from Pharma. Pharma is the biggest lobbyist in Congress and greedy and ignorant politicians should not be deciding our health policies?  I am one of those small donations which I pay out of SS. You fail to mention that NOT ONE PERSON has died from these measles outbreaks. You lie by omission. Our infant mortality rate is 34, behind Cuba. Japan and Sweden are #2 and neither has mandatory vaccines and they give only 11 vaccines by age 5. why do we give a Hep B vaccine to a Day One infant when it was meant for IV drug users and prostitutes? We give 50 toxic shots. (link below) In 1983 there were 3 vaccines (24 shots including boosters). Now there are 72 toxic shots by age 18.  In the past we never vaxxed after childhood. Now they are after adults. How many vaccines did any of your staff get. I bet not 72. How did you survive? What changed? (I am 69, had the measles and lived, BTW). Well, in 1986 the DPT shot was injuring and killing so many children that they were being sued out of business so they blackmailed Congress into letting them lose any liability. After that there was a Gold Rush to create as many vaccines as they could and no safety testing on any ingredients. Speaking of REAL SCIENCE, there has never been a Gold Standard placebo safety test on any vaccine. This is NOT science.  There have been only one vaccine tested for autism and one ingredient, thimerasol, not hundreds.  My generation had no vaccines except for polio, and that contained a monkey cancer virus.  we all had those childhood illnesses and lived. MERCK killed over 100,000 people w VIOXX. They knew in trials that it was causing heart attacks and hid it from the FDA. They were heavily sued. No one went to prison. They make most of our childhood vaccines and send them to China where they are cheaply made. Can we trust them? They should have been shut down. Right now they are being sued by 2 of their own virologists who said MERCK falsified data on the MUMPS part of the MMR and right now there is a naval ship in the Persian Gulf under MUMPS quarantine. Mumps is mild as a child but can cause sterility in an adult. Plus as a child you get LIFETIME IMMUNITY. The Measles vaccine has a LIVE virus and it sheds. If you go into a cancer ward you will see a sign that says, “Recently vaxxed people please do not enter.” This is because it sheds.
You fail to mention that there are over 36 toxic ingredients in a vaccine. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and is in most of the vaccines. 
Why do we inject too many illnesses at once? e don’t get illnesses in clumps and giving too many antigens at once confuses the immune system and they attack EVERYTHING, hence the rise in AUTOIMMUNE illnesses from 12% in the 80’s to 54% now. It’s not just autism, it’s all kinds of illnesses that are caused by vaccines. We can’t sue for vaccines except in a govt court and the taxpayer has paid out over 4 billion to those injured and this is just a small  amount as this is not an easy process to go through. So there is great evidence that vaccines injure. You failed to mention that w your smug smile. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3170075/
Heather Luna
Assumption upon assumption and this is not where we thought we'd be in 2017. Coming from the CDC
Heather Luna
Many of my friends children declined after vaccines. It's obvious that Wakefield knows exactly what he was talking about. 4 billion has been paid out to vaccine injured children. 2019 and they are paralyzed because science will never be settled.
rebecca albrecht
Here is the full video, nice that you are trying to make it about funding. Read the SCIENCE! https://up-tube.com/upvideo/lejqw1kyiAp
francisco lugo pagan
How many people have died from the measles outbreak?
Our immune system will protect us from most environmental attacks. As a matter of fact once our body recovers from the attack it gets stronger as opposed to getting weaker, which is what happens when you get vaccinated every year.
We had been lied to for years, try to tell someone that Christmas, Santa Claus, and that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic church, is a lie and see what happens.. Vaccination is a money cow, it's all about the money.
The outbreak is from the filth immigrants. That's the misinformation ...fake news trys again
Gary Sinnott
If there was a vaccine available to protect against stupidity, there'd still be people demanding the right to be stupid.
Live virus vaccines shed and the MMR is a live virus so is the flu vaccines reading the inserts idiots. You are all asking for your own slavery because they are going to remove exemptions then they are going to push more vaccines on adults. Thanks for taking us all down because you lack common sense and are gullible enough to buy into the propaganda of a billion dollar industry of big pharma. Go find a safety study of the effects of 70 plus vaccines from birth to age 18. You are all idiots
Drool Alot
You trust the government? Look up the Tuskegee experiment. Lead in paint was legal... Asbestos was legal.... Etc etc.
ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ;
Shots first. Ask questions later.
Why doesn't LaPook tell us whats in the vaccines?
annamal pete
It’s the Muslims and Mexicans causing the outbreak
If I had a kid I would wait until my kid was ready for grade school before getting the vaccine. Vaccines can cause encephalitis and that can cause a lot of issues...I don't believe the CDC they have lied about lyme disease being no big deal and no chronic lyme (but chronic lyme is real) and when they tried to convince people way beck when in the 80's that HIV did not cause AIDS people are so ready to forget. The studies are biased and political. They need to make the MMR vax more safe for young ones.
Thought this is a pro-choice demo for abortion. Lol.
So NOW you want to do what you want with your body.....
*Vaccines turns the Frogs Gay 🐸 🐸🐸 🐸*
Kyle Shebilske
If You Get The Measels Then Get Ready To Be Quarantined!
I Just Feel Bad For Those Unlucky Few Who Can't Get Vacinated Due To Allergies!
Mandate The Vaccination or Let Them Live On An Island & Make Them Stay There!
*Big Pharma makes money 💰 when you take these poisonous vaccines and get sick* 👿👿👿🌚🌚🌚💩💩🙉☠️☠️☠️🤡🤡🤡👻👻👻😪😪😪
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Healthy lifestyle habits may help N.Y. health officials blame 1 day ago   02:05

New research from the Alzheimer's Association finds lifestyle factors like a healthy diet, exercise, not smoking, and keeping your brain stimulated may help reduce the risk of developing dementia by as much as 60 percent. Joy Benedict reports from Los Angeles.