Top 5 Worst & Best Modern Spongebob Top 6 Worst Religious Animated Movies 1 day ago   25:33

Howdy! Checking out the best and worst of Spongebob Squarepants episodes post season 9 (post-2012).

Hosted by Josh Strider
Written by Yocelin Martinez, Delaney Campbell, Wes Cipolla, Adam Grunther & Josh Strider
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Captions by Jadrek Myers

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Cloud _7
Ya can't forget about Wormy. That is my all time favorite Spongebob episode! 🦋
Cyka Lasagna
Squirrel jelly is the only time I felt bad for modern patrick.
Loki Vanni
You should do a Top 5 Best and Worst Classic Spongebob episodes!
Memeatron 9000
Although I agree 100% with you, you are an adult. Why do you care about a kids show?
I honestly didn't like Goodbye Krabby Patty, the story felt rushed and predictable
Nate Wrench
i really appreciate all your awesome videos strider,
keep up the good work
w O W O m y
I believe the newest ones (like "the krusty bucket") are really annoying and more over exaggerated.
Tabbycat Drawing
Wait, I thought these episodes were supposed to be after season 9? "Are You Happy Now?" and "Little Yellow Book" are before season 10?
Wait spongebob episodes are still being made?
Because we’re men
Brand34 _
Scavenger pants was really good
ocean man take me by the hand lead to the land that you understand
Ethan Powlus
Want bad was also hear fact late bad best SpongeBob bat
Cuddle can clearly can because doing discussing cuddly good ever bed episode welcome take girrafe if full first four after of fish SpongeBob woming SpongeBob that night leach things shower wiggle I medicine in Squidward bit Patrick simple pirate tonight stakes look Patrick think Patrick like pearl also Mall walking Mall my making grama make More can,t underwear until fun find not SpongeBob yellow one you good plot patties Patrick patties pearl happily patties speaks
Ice cream very years story for suprise subject myself lost
At great chacter time best list the out out butter number used out even never even visual voice evil show switch why new was why next
holly pocket
Anybody else watch SpongeBob on your GameBoy? I had episodes on those game card things
LoganC223 Colby 'O' Donis Fan
R.I.P Steven Hillenburg. You Were Always The Neptune Of Us All!! Thanks For Making Our Childhoods Great and the word wumbo a thing.
LoganC223 Colby 'O' Donis Fan
Howdy! I really love your videos and respect your opinions and agree to your opinions about modern spongebob. Your the best.
Wish RuPaul would wish me a happy birthday
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton
Ink lemonade is my least favorite
Isaac Newton
There are no good modern episodes
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Top 6 Worst Religious Animated Movies Top 5 Worst & Best Modern Spongebob 1 day ago   14:30

Checking out what I consider worst of religious animated/cartoon movies from the Christian religion. Plus lego religious movies, cause.. you know.. that's a thing :P

ToonGrin for their help in video editing :) Links to their channels below.
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Written by Josh Strider & Helen Telford
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Subtitles by Savannah Sutton & Josh Strider

Legend of Buddha Animation (English version):
Lego Passion Movie:

Undertale - Spooktune Chiptune LSDj Remix by LemonDrop:
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Nicolai Heidlas:
Directed/Hosted by Josh Strider