Destroying My Ex-Girlfriend's Car and Surprising Her With Guy Surprises His Dad By Giving Him His Dream Car - 991997 1 day ago   16:34

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Suspension - BMR Suspension
Shocks - Viking Performance
Exhaust - Corsa Performance
Supercharger/Tuner - VMP Performance
Parachute - Stroud Safety
Shifter - Hurst

Race Truck:
Nitrous Kit - NOS
Highrise Manifold/Fuel Rails - Holley EFI
Tuning - Mexico Racing League

Coilovers - Raceland
Engine Management - DIY Auto Tune/ Hoffman Inovations
Turbo Kit - Flyin’ Miata
Roll Bar - Track Dog Racing
Body Kit - KBD

Bendpak -
MIG 250 -
Versa Cut 60 -
Panoramic Welding Helmet -

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20k likes and I’ll buy this REALLY cool new crazy vehicle I’m looking at.. 👀 (I’m going to look at it tomorrow morning)

I genuinely couldn’t be more thankful for all of you that give me the chance to do all the things I do. 🙏🏼 I love having the opportunity to chase my dreams, help others chase theirs, and bring entertainment to all of you all at once! Thank you so much.
Tex Burns
I see you changed it to Ex girlfriend
I just realized the title was changed
Ali5000 Gamer
Why is she built like a 12 year old
Christopher Wells
He painted on the plate for the car she could have put that on the new car. What about the license plates and registration
TD Welch
Now that was awesome...
Prince Pacis
Should have just destroyed the car
Monticello Thomas
Peep how he changed it to ex girlfriend
James Mitchell
Why did they break up does anyone know. And when???
Leonel Lopez
Bruh changed the title lol
Edson Beltran
She answered "hey babe"...i knew something was wrong....they changed the title i guess.
michael chavez
Should have gave that car to poe😂😂😂
chandima udugama withanage
Fuck you bich
7osam 4500
she took the new car and then dumped him WoW typical bitch xD
Doug Williams
Damn made me cry...😭
Brian Sherman
I can't believe the Sheriff Deputy would do that. I wonder if he had to explain that later to his boss.
Zachary Martin
Welp this title rests my statement and argument to all of my other friends that are a fan for you
jvr gtrz
so stupid
Rufus Parks
Awesome video man lol too funny
Tom Lynch
Somebody`s gonna have to Su*k some major Di*k for this
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Guy Surprises His Dad By Giving Him His Dream Car - 991997 Destroying My Ex-Girlfriend's Car and Surprising Her With 1 day ago   06:02

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