Building The Browns: 2019 Rookie 15 Year OLD Kyler Murray Wins 2 months ago   28:06

Cleveland Browns
In this Building The Browns, the Rookies arrive in Berea for Rookie Minicamp and check into the facility, get fitted for helmets in the equipment room, meet with Browns alumni during the Rookie Dinner and hit the field for their first practice in the brown and orange.

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joe massey
Greedy Williams just got a huge FAN!
Legendary Bald Kyle
Cant wait for chris rock to play well on the browns
Hi from France ; i always watch a Cleveland Browns video when Youtube suggest it me. This youtube channel is great ; thanks you for the great job ! I love the content of this video ; nice to watch and listen some former Browns players. All the best to everyones.
Mike Stevens
he doesn't just look like chris rock he talks just like him too lmaooooo
shadyburn ike
Jim Brown should have got a standing ovation nobody stood up
Chris rock out here applying pressure all season 😤
Lilfredo 2x
Greedy Williams and Denzel Ward😬🔥🔥
It's hard to believe that Greedy Williams was All-SEC twice. He looks like he's in middle school.
Im to freaking excited about this team!!!
Eduardo De Dios
Good in 2019, I wish you guys eliminate the damn patriots in the playoffs!

Go 9ers!!!
leroy jenkins
So his head is fantastic
Josh Allen
How did greedy Williams go to college? He can’t even speak lol. Lmao what a joke
Wow. Bernie's looking old. Cool to see all my old heroes, though.
Jason Sweet
Life long browns fan. 2:44, Far Away from Nickleback (had to google the lyrics) is playing with Greedy walking through the lobby. I am deeply saddened.
Patrick Banfield
I didn’t know Chris Rocks sons name was Greedy Williams. 😂
8675 309
At :21 that's Johnny Manziel
Lawrence Kramer
Who's excited to see the Browns this year?
Jabez Gill
Greedy Williams looks like a young version of the Sheriff in the Lil Nas X Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus video
Brayden Bastian
Birdman PB
This is what reminds you how young these kids are. Look at greedy!
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15 Year OLD Kyler Murray Wins Building The Browns: 2019 Rookie 2 months ago   16:36

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