Kaslan Corporation Special Announcement All Child's Play Themes by U.N.P. 3 months ago   00:58

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Please take a moment to watch this announcement from Kaslan Corp. Founder and CEO, Henry Kaslan regarding the upcoming global reveal of a revolutionary new family product that will change the landscape of artificial intelligence forever. Visit KaslanCorp.com for more information.

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Ocean DestroyerX
At first i thought this was a actual toy company maker but then I realized it was child play remake
Ziad Diab
I’m sorry sir but your rather killing us than helping us
kiki riki
Dont say its real :((
Is ridley Scott the director. I feel like David should be introducing chucky
just a guy
You guys done did what you ain't supposed to do... Make robots smart.
People Let Me Tell You About My *BEST FRIEND*
Mackendrick Gneba
Wow cool way to spread news about new movie. Interesting visiting Web site now.
Khallia Collado
Hahaha y'all done lost your mind thinking I would get one of those "buddi" dolls even though it's tempting in a weird way 😂
-Announces a special new toy
-Doesn't show the toy

I know this is viral marketing, but really?
Ghost bendy hi Tube
He’s my best friend till the end 🔪 :)
Sordebletrash 15
So when will they show the doll in the website
Tiffany Sewell
Is brad still voicing chucky
foxy boy
Can't wait for good old chuckie boi
Chocolatecat Gameplay
Chucky got upgraded to Chucky 2.0
Is Chucky A.I.?
Adam W
Is there a significance to spelling the new toy's name Budd(i) instead of Buddy? Or are they just trying to cater to this generation that thinks it's cool to mispell words for no reason whatsoever?
Jazzy and Aiden
Well anyone who just watched this it’s fake because it says Friday February 8
Zachary Drewes
So they are called Buddy and not Good Guy Dolls, Is it just me or do both names sound kind of lazy? then again I don't really remember being a kid and caring about the name of the toy, I just care about the toy.
Cole Edits
Elon Musk tried to warn us about AI...
Ordered it loved it and experienced it
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All Child's Play Themes by U.N.P. Kaslan Corporation Special Announcement 3 months ago   09:49

Lot of people ask me to do Child's Play, there you have it (:

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Thanks so much for watching.