Kaslan Corporation Special Announcement All Child's Play Themes by U.N.P. 6 months ago   00:58

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Please take a moment to watch this announcement from Kaslan Corp. Founder and CEO, Henry Kaslan regarding the upcoming global reveal of a revolutionary new family product that will change the landscape of artificial intelligence forever. Visit KaslanCorp.com for more information.

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Did anyone actually know who this was before the first trailer came out?
DeathRoid yt
You suck
HeyThatsAlex TaZr
When is The Kaslan gaming Console Coming out?
Earlierart 87810
Do not buy the buddi doll it’s to dangerous he comes alive then kills you
Jaden Reyna
Still waiting on the website to see how he looks like fully.....
WoW I wish I had one!
Hypno Master
OMG the purge is back!!
Seymur Alin
Wait this is a real thing?
bendy plushie studios
Yeah...I prefer Playpal toys
HeyThatsAlex TaZr
I hope Kaslan Makes a Gaming Console!
Disney knights padilla
looks like a krie tech logo . they replace play pals of kaslan
Deer park tv D
OMG 😮😂😂😂😂 child play
Dude Someone
Why do I feel like this is the beginning of an ARG for the movie
Caitlin Lps
I’ll might see the child’s play film
TheDylan0602 Sonic Fan The Hedgehog
Is this a real company or what just curious please respond whoever gets this comment
Watch buddi come to life like chucky and kill everyone and what happened to a good guy
Laly Contreras
Oh hell ya
Mr Oof
Who would win?

An innocent doll but it has a twist


Some trolly bois
The 4th wall breaking man has came
Manuel Espinoza
Ummmmmmmmm. Is this real?
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All Child's Play Themes by U.N.P. Kaslan Corporation Special Announcement 6 months ago   09:49

Lot of people ask me to do Child's Play, there you have it (:

if this is the first U.N.P. video you see subscribe! I'm always making music (covers) and also making my own compositions :D

Thanks so much for watching.