VAN DAMME sparring with Cody The Cody Garbrandt/JCVD Crazy Gym Altercation 2 days ago   05:13

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Jean-Claude Van Damme sparring with Cody Garbrandt
- The True Story revealed
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XOE Envy
That was a slow karate kickboxing kick. It’s his training Exercise. Imagine if he went full 100. 😱
Garry Reynolds
Bro all yall are a bunch of internet kickboxing warriors on here.
A profesional crybaby...
lovely Rain
This guy has no manners at all.. Why his mouth can't stop cursing??...and who is he cursing.. The legend.. Who is much older.. respectful and lovable than him... go get a nanny to raise you kid
Leo Motta
You should give thanks to Jean Claude Van Damme for kick your fucking face, stop crying pussy !
STL Costra Nostra
This dude cry over a love tap....pick a different career
Fuck You MOTHERFUCKER!!! JCVD is a legend!!! MotherFucker!!!!
Rafał K
Cody, you are an infatuated kennel, you barely touched and you insult you like a pussy, jean with a finger in the ass, he would blow you this smeared snout
Milan Daniel
I miss good old days martial arts training respect and dignity and self control
Michael_fan4ever Jackson
He cant fight with damme
Michael Rode
This guy Cody is an being an example Of fighters today, my god I’ve broken fingers, hand twice from blocking and his forehead gets a light swipe and he is crying, I would say he is a PUS........, The best fact is a 55 year old man just kicked your A$S..lmao
Россия это сила
Super vandamme
Nina Durand
Deberia sentirse honrado por haber sido pateado por una leyenda... How is cody? Nobody knows him... How is jcvd? The muscles from the universe
Diana Rodriguez
Codys a pussy and a bitch!! Fucken midget glad u got ur ass whoop😜😜
Israel Rodriguez
Cody got slapped by a foot. Lol. And to slow to move. Your an idiot dude. Couldn't handle jcvd you shouldn't be in ufc. You leave that for the big boys. Not you.
Joe Pineapples
Whats the big deal?
Jaspal Janagel
Vandamme should not be teaching. His way of kicking combat to the wrong people be mindful in who he trains
David Morgan
cody says gett this dude away from me b4 i hurt him.yeah wright.vann damm would make cody feel like hes surrounded.manns moaning and bitching about getting kiked in the face in training.and hes supposed to be world champion?.🤔🤔🤔.
Ado Bad
What a pussy..!! I would be honor for Van Damme to teach me and get hit by him. JC even apologize to this fkng socalled ufc fighter.
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The Cody Garbrandt/JCVD Crazy Gym Altercation VAN DAMME sparring with Cody 2 days ago   11:54

Cody Garbrandt explains the crazy gym altercation he had with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Involves a head kick, a bit of rage, and some crying. We don't lie.

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