Kyle Kuzma CRAZY Full D'Angelo Russell Teaches Trae 9 months ago   02:29

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Kyle Kuzma Full Game Highlights | Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers | January 9, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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Tre Watson
Young Kobe
antwane taylor
1k dariell
He bouta eat this year with Lebron & AD
luke walton sucked ass
How to not get traded
KND Clan
LAKERS ARE TAKING OVER NEXT SEASON, SOLID BIG 5, Zo at the 1, 6’6 220, perfect height x weight(MJ was 6’6 217) Zo is a true floor general, overall he’s probably one of the greatest PG to even enter league, he’s already top 3 PG defender, can make plays, extremely high IQ, Lebron even said Zo is greatest PG he’s ever played with, now Ingram, 6’11 at the 2, nuff said right there, averaged better stats than TATUM... lol and Ingram has it easy, he can basically shoot over the majority of people guarding him, which he does, a lot, do I even need to speak on Lebron? And Kuz... Kuz is an extremely solid piece for lakers, better than Ingram, he will most def average over 20 next season, easily, same for Ingram, idk about Zo, but he’ll average something like 17 9 8 it doesn’t matter because that’s a solid big 4 no matter which way you look at it, Zo locking down the PG+ high IQ plays+ dropping solid numbers, ingram 6’11 on a 6’3-6’7 Guard just casually shooting over them and driving in for 30, Lebron giving you a 30 triple dub, and Kuz giving you a nasty 39 piece, and nobody has been shown to clamp up any laker, Zo does the clamping, Guards these days don’t play D, plus he’s 6’6.... the tallest guard is 6’10(Ben) and literally 98% of PG are 6’3..... ingram is 6’11 literally tallest SG in NBA history, the second tallest is Tracy at around 6’8... so yea nobody is stopping him, LAKER DYNASTY BABU
Kuz and Tatum. Gonna be the next rivals. Both from a team with great history
Mista _Mask
Didnt Kobe Retire?
i’m sorry but he’s trash
John Radz
He is only 23 years old, he is still not at his maximum level of play, which will happen in two or three years. This kid is gonna be a star.
Kuzma is a pretty good player. He should probably rrebound at a higher rate, but mostly I'd like to see him in more of a position to be a play maker at some point. He's got size and shooting ability already and with LeBron and Lonzo to give him the ball and supplement what he doesn't do great at the moment all this might not matter. As a Kings fan I hate to say the Lakers drafted well here. Still think Lonzo could go either way but again it doesn't matter because they hit on Kuzma.
Harsimran Bhasin
Hella teams slept on him
Juwan Dunbar
hey everybody how ya doin? I don't wana hear Lebron by himself EXCUSE comes playoff time
Cp0 0
He said he’s going for 42, little does he know... little does he know...
kjshxjjxjsmasssxw jsjshsjjsjzjsm
trade kuzma hahahaha
Sharan Ramesh
He could have gone for 50 if they played him in the 4th
that boi kavencci
Anthony Z
Ok one exceptional game performance makes him an all star now and the franchise player? His tatoos are gross
DSwazeyTV King Darius
Somebody wants to stay a Laker Lol.
Akash Sathyamoorthy
Lakers would be dumb asf to trade anyone rn, let them build and develop
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D'Angelo Russell Teaches Trae Kyle Kuzma CRAZY Full 9 months ago   02:19

Trae 17 pts 7 ast, Russell 23 pts Full Game Highlights | Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks | January 9, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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