THE PRODIGY Official Trailer (2019) Surprise Shark Attack - The Meg 2018 6 months ago   01:45

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What’s wrong with Miles? From the producer of Exorcism of Emily Rose comes a new vision of unimaginable horror. Watch the full trailer for The Prodigy, starring Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott, in theaters February 8. #WhatsWrongWithMiles

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Khadija Qayyum
three horror movies of 2019 are of same concept, suffering mom because of evil strange kid
Aldo Grande
Piper is a good mom
Papitone 215
The movie was alright .. part 2 is in the making pretty sure
bob Bergas
Forget about the fucking rotten tomatoes lame ass critics.. This movie is good!

Just watched it & holy shit!
the crunshy pancake
it was scary but the ending was bad tho and i dont like bad endings so..... hmmm yeah i dont know about this movie 😕
melin sanchez
I'm so proud of taylor
Oleg Baklanov
The Devil Will Burn
This comment section is great. 👍
The ending had me P I S S E D
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita
1:16 that is the scene that makes me cry. Especially if you watch it until the end.
crazzi-j north
Hey it’s piper
Hailey Wallace
Good for Jackson to get back into horror most kids his age would be traumatized after IT and even IT 2
Soul Calibre YT
There’s a reason why u get killed by pennywise Georgie
Good People Always die
During the staring contest, did Miles pinch his mom? I noticed that he poke his mom hands at the end. Is that why his mom said "i don't like you touching me like that"?
desert fox
I've watch the movie , I liked the story, it's original and quite interesting , but the ending 😕 ... I don't like it at all
Braudus Eldul
He's the best actor at his age.
Very intense movie, It gave me goose bumps for alot of times. Aspecially when Miles said to his mother 'Go fuck yourself'
This is exactly my childhood! ....except without The smarts... and the crazy and everything else, but everything else was just like this.... except the violence. I had dark hair anyway.
Jordan Gaming
Is that GEORGIE?!
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Surprise Shark Attack - The Meg 2018 THE PRODIGY Official Trailer (2019) 6 months ago   04:56

Here is the surprise Shark attack in The Meg 2018.