Lionel Messi vs AC Milan (UCL) FC Barcelona 5-0 Atlético Madrid - Highlights 8 months ago   17:52

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Lionel Messi vs AC Milan (UCL) (Home) 2012-13 English Commentary HD 720p

ITV English Commentary

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Match: Barcelona 4-0 (UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg 2012-2013 Season) 12/03/2013

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Keshav Ummat
I just wanna say thank you for this Raheem , all the happiness
Arnob Zahid
ابن حرام مصفى ميسي
Russel Jay Nuera
I started to subscribe you now bro best messi compilations
Bishal gorh
Mohammed furkan
Shubham Raut
The first goal 🔥 🔥
মোঃ নাছিম
Ram Nagarkoti
Milani Mba

Milani Mba
bill mcdonald
That last goal at 16:21 did number 18 allow that ball to go thru ? {Slow it down when viewing on the replay} are these games fixed at some point ? for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Junayed Hosain
Uncertain boy
God our defense was so fucking shit. None of them were able to stay on their feet. The first thought was to dive in. They just kept missing the ball. Abbiati was past it as well. No creativity in midfield and a just above average attack. God what an abdolutely shitty team that was. The Milan side we have today is better than this garbage. They werent fit to be in the UCL
David R88
World class
Master class
The GOAT Messi10
Good Boy
Lembro desse dia Messi monstro
Sir SwearsAlot
4:14 Xavi mad at Messi lol
אדון יוטיוב
11:12 Standing and watching
sikhumbuzo chikai
That left foot of Messi has eyes ears and a brain of it's own.
Rubel Khan
Real Football
Leo messi is the greatest footballer in the world
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FC Barcelona 5-0 Atlético Madrid - Highlights Lionel Messi vs AC Milan (UCL) 8 months ago   13:53

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