George Lucas in conversation with George Lucas on Directing Star 6 months ago   47:32

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'Star Wars' creator George Lucas talks with Charlie Rose at Chicago Ideas Week 2014. For more video, visit, subscribe to this channel, or follow us @TribVideo.

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Odd Apprentice
I am glad Mr. Lucas got paid for his passion. I am sad the property he entrusted it to do not want to carry the torch forward. Disney merely doused the fire in their piss.
konroth rec.
dont forget to delete all original cuts.
Christian Stoleski
i love the prequels i love prequels
Dizzy Blu
+Dylan Burgess What I find strange is that, whilst thats true, he did become a sell-out. Coppola said it pretty early on, and it makes sense when you look back at Jedi, or at the prequels and compare them to his previous work. Everything inches toward merchandising and business as opposed to story. He kinda just became the corporate entity he hated.
I mean his producer left before Jedi because he didnt agree with the toyetic approach, and I believe him, why else if youre gonna make so much money?

Anyway, he made the best decision in a long time by selling the company with Kathleen Kennedy at the helm. Hes no longer at fault for any problems and people who love the property get to work on it with free reign. If it works out, people will love him again too. I guess maybe the wisdom came with age. And hes seems like a nice guy, made a lot of people happy anyway.
Barrick MacReady
Indiana Jones and uhh.....
The greatest storyteller alive.
Studio Skies And Water
good human
Bryon Lape
I really liked what he wanted to do with the prequels, just thought the execution was bad and they were too similar to the originals. Those who don't like the prequels because they are different completely missed the point of Star Wars.
René Moncayo
Jodorowsky Dune, look it up
J Tin
George Lucas did a great job creating the Star Wars universe. It's actually like the best cinematic universe ever.
Aaron Williams
May the Force be with you.
Troy Laboucane
Hate to interject with facts but the current state of Hollywood film making owes as much praise as it can heap on George Lucas. True, the prequels weren't as good as everyone assumed they'd be but to say Lucas doesn't know what he's doing is ridiculously short sighted and just exposes ignorance. When you think highest quality theater sound, that would be THX. Lucas developed that. When you think highest quality special effects whether they're in camera or digital, that would be Industrial Light and Magic. George Lucas started that. When you think best quality sound recording and editing, Skywalker Sound. Guess who? That's right little learner, George Lucas.

Every big budget blockbuster owes Lucas a debt of gratitude. Before 1977, Hollywood had never seen something as big as Star Wars. Every studio turned him down except for 20th Century Fox. Even they were schooled in blockbuster marketing because they foolishly signed over to Lucas all aspects of his film beyond theatrical release. There's a reason why you stores are flooded with really cool film related toys, guess who started that all? Oh, you're learning, good for you.

Oh yeah, a little franchise called Indiana Jones, that was a lot of George Lucas too.
Chitambala Mwewa
George has such a pleasant, likable demeanor.
Supreme Leader Snoke
Kylo Ren stabbed Fuckin first
starts at 3:45
He doesn't even talk about Star Wars in the whole thing
Yulan Lawson
Thank you George for creating a museum for all of us.
Steev Rawjers
george lucas is the man
Carrie Gl
Did he have surgery on his throat? what happened?
didnt hate the prequels, sorry, they were fun and innovative. loveem. people who bash him for it needs to shut the fuck up.
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