The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is a hydrogen-powered, off-road 2019 Chevy Silverado: What's 5 months ago   02:52

Developed for testing with the US Army, this is clearly not your average Chevrolet Colorado.

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Love the truck!!!! hate the personality!!!
Edward Elkins
Nice car but you can probably get a good horse for 10,000 dollars, turns grass into fuel and you can burn their droppings for fire starters, a lot quieter, and you get more mileage out of them, repairs cost probably as much or possibly more depending on the issue, over all a horse is a much better purchase and less production cost, way less. I think horses have a way better offroad performance than most offroad vehicles, though if they were pulling a chariot or wagon You wont get the hill climbing performance you get from a truck or SUV.
Tori Patterson
I want one!!!
mauro sandobal
When they are released for sale?
Pedro Sa
so the government grants itself permission to freely use such tech, but we the people are slaved to up the ass expensive polluted energy.

anyone else see the bullshit, or are you all birds?
Holy Kafir
Now what happen if you blow-up a hydrogen vehicule with a rocket launcher ?
Rene BT
that thing is awesome
The Wandering Albatross
Wow, a vechile uglier than the Aztec: congrats.
John Baldwin
Here we go with the watered down version of true hydrogen fuel cell whereas Stanley Meyer and his brother back in the 90s demonstrated of their prototype vehicle in a dune buggy chassis had produced HHO or Brown's Gas fuel through electrolysis of H2O that produced the fuel for combustion engine [ that was modified ] to generate mechanical energy.
Big oil nor does the utility companies wants self sustaining consumer products - that would be bad for business...what is left and under their control is to produce pre-made hydrogen fuel and sell it at fueling stations and that the fuel only to be used to utilize electrical conversion of the fuel to produce mechanical energy for vehicles and/or fuel cell generators to power your residence or provide heated water; but the fuel will have to be purchase...
I need this truck.
if they made a suv exactly like this, it would be a big hit for chevy
Darcer's Tech
I personally prefer plug-in electric cars over hydrogen, but in this use case, hydrogen fuel cell makes perfect sense.
Pete N
The idea sounds good on paper, but if you get hit by a high caliber bullet or runs over a large IDE, the tank would add to the explosion...
It actually looks kind of badass!? And the hydrogen just adds to the awesome!!!!
Charles Hu
NA. H1 looks better
Love the design, looks very capable and nice to see hydrogen power in use. Great video!
Anthony Jones
sweet warthog they got there.
Evan Hasson
MILFord sounds like a place I wanna live.
If you want to be free, follow Jesus.
Retarded people work at tardek
Jeffrey Fu
DAYM looks nice
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2019 Chevy Silverado: What's The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is a hydrogen-powered, off-road 5 months ago   16:26

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