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"stranger Things" Star Gaten | Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo - At Up-Tube.com

"Stranger Things" Star Gaten Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo 2 days ago   04:16

Is this #GatenMatarazzo's Best Interview Ever? The #StrangerThings star enjoys an 11-pound waffle sundae, grows a mustache, and shows his love for #StarWars.

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Liz Moore
Lalalalalallaalalalallalalalallaallala love this
moony lepord
Gaten is so relatable in real life
Jack bailey
I’m 12 and I’ve watched all the insidious movies and I’m not one bit scared by them
Izzy B
Gaten is so wholesome, like woW☺️💗
Felix Auger
2:50 when your moms sees your internet history
Snoe berri
"Oh! Thank you!, Really, Thank you"♥️
Vikki Aguiar
3:34 Santa Claus?
Scp and more
I'm a big fan
AhOy LaDieS
What kinda drunk banana bread muffin would choose a blaster over lightsaber!?!?
uhh commenter??
if you put eggos on a sundae, your a monster
Peter Pascoe
I dont
Like chocolate cake
Henry Beardsley
Anyone else wanna see all the other options
Matthew De la Cruz
They're going to more stranger things
I Want To Die
*M I K E, I F O U N D T H E C H O C O L A T E P U D D I N G*
toonies art
Gaten is just so nice and sweet thats why he is my fev actor
Pieter van Haaften
Lovin it
galaxy moon wolf
I live in New Jersey and not even joking I live 5 minutes away from the neighborhood gaton lives in🙂
Born2 Play
It should be 11 pound eggo sundae
I was watching it 4:00
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Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo "Stranger Things" Star Gaten 2 days ago   05:58

Gaten Matarazzo takes a lie detector test. Did he think Stranger Things was going to be such a big hit? Does one of the main characters die this season? Does he read Stranger Things fan theories on Reddit? Would he bring back Barb from the Upside Down? Does he ship Hopper and Joyce? What are his favorite video games? Find out all that and more in this video. Season three of Stranger Things debuts on Netflix on July 4th.

Stranger Things season 3 is streaming now on Netflix

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Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair