Top 20 Super-Human Chins In Boxing! Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko 3 months ago   19:05

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How can you break thee, which is the unbreakable? Boxing Legends TV counts down the top 20 chins in boxing history

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Boxing Legends TV
I somehow forgot to add my intro but basically I excluded defensive minded fighters like Floyd and Toney despite them having solid chins
Tamir Tamir
margarito is nothing but fake bastard
David Tua never been knocked out in his boxing career
wolfser sojo
That kingdom hearts music tho lol
Muhammad Owais
The real question is....what makes a tough chin??
Todd Shockley
Holyfield knocked Mercer down. Be accurate.
George Foreman is a fucking BEAST! What a guy, what a chin.
Michael Baseball
Tyson’s 20 inch neck may have helped 😂
Saint Lukas
How is smoking joe not on this list! Violation!
Lennox Lewis BARELY beat Vitaly!

He's probably the most underrated boxers ever, often overshadowed by his own brother.
David K
No disrespect to these guys but this is kind of a sad vid... athletes being celebrated for health problems later on in life. I know it’s what they signed up for but damn...
When Nigel Benn (one of the hardest punchers in his division) was asked who had the hardest chin, he didn't even hesitate before naming Chris Eubank. I assume you think he was wrong.
Steve Loeschke
I am missing joe frazier
Steve Loeschke
Faceing these guys i guess your better of shoting for the liver
John Robert Ochavez
Seeing Mercer laugh in black and white film is scary
conspiracies are just great stories
See what was absolutely beautiful about George Foreman? He was loved by everyone he faught in his second go around. That's a true warrior in my opinion
Earl Emzworth
Most glaring & obvious omission from this list was Mike McCallum, who fought 55 fights till the age of 40. He was never knocked out or even stopped ... something that you cannot say for any of the top 5 fighters on this list. McCallum took the best shots from one of the hardest ever punchers (pound for pound) in boxing history - Julian Jackson & stopped him in two rounds.
Derrick Roseman
That Ali montage is a thing of beauty dude. Effortless
Rajesh Ravindran
oliver THE ATOMIC BULL mc call .... a boxer who never went down, neither in sparring (remember he sparred with prime mike tyson for years) nor in the official fights .... though he had a sad carrier having issues with substance abuse and PTSD.....
Rolando Villareal
where is JOE FRAZIER!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko Top 20 Super-Human Chins In Boxing! 3 months ago   56:04

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