Top 20 Super-Human Chins In Boxing! Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko 5 months ago   19:05

Boxing Legends TV
How can you break thee, which is the unbreakable? Boxing Legends TV counts down the top 20 chins in boxing history

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Boxing Legends TV
I somehow forgot to add my intro but basically I excluded defensive minded fighters like Floyd and Toney despite them having solid chins
Fat Boy
Chuvalo should be first.
Anush Mikael
Where the fuck is rocky marciano and even mike tayson desurves to be in this what the fuck your fucking retarded how the fuck could you not include rocky marciano
Floyd Mayweather ran backwards while watching this
michael manzo
Ray Mercer definitely one of the best chins out there with Arturo gatti this is such a good video I freaking love boxing
michael manzo
Holyfield was amazing but he definitely didn't take down Mike Tyson at his best Mike Tyson was already at the end of his rope and that's why I did what he did
Billy Bob
Great video I watched it again now I’ll bet your channel is monetized definitely worth a second watch glad you’re back
Where is Rocky Marciano :P?
dogs aren't dangerous
Football commentator. Do shit right.
Flaqko _GTA
LMAO soccer commentator
87 - 0? Damn
Ryan G
juan LaPorte..
Toni Blackstone
What Georg Foreman was absorbing in that 12 rounnds from Evander Holyfield was not normal! (Heavyweights), that could knock out easy 20 normal duds in a row.
Dillon Dana
That first Mercer knockout was attempted murder...
Matej Pavlović
Golovkin ice cold takes that bomb from canelo like its nothing 😱
nick h
Holyfield was a beast and i loved his Sega video game growing up in the 90s but lets not forget he was a dirty fighter anytime he was actually threatened ;).
(17:04 is one of the many examples out there lmao, just incase ur in denial, King if the Elbow and Head Dig)
The Crane
List sucked...looks more like American superhuman chins.
Joshua Norris
what is the music?
Brian Garcia
Where tf is rocky marciano
The Creepiest Of Pasta
As far as Chins go, there is Ali and Hagler and then everyone else is a distant second
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Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko Top 20 Super-Human Chins In Boxing! 5 months ago   56:04

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