Conspiracy Theories with Shane ROAST ME! - SHANE DAWSON 3 months ago   1:44:45

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Comments 221817 Comments

XxKat _PlayzXx
Sometimes my mom calls my name and Siri pops up on her phone because my names close to Siri
Aiden Bush
this is god damn scary you should make a scary movie
Outworld Core
who else here know Alex Jones?
Alexia Bloom
Again Shane left me shoocketh
Leesa Babe nna
Why are the zepeto looking at u when they walk past
Leesa Babe nna
I had zepeto
I miss Toys R Us in England all of them GONE 😭
It happened to me soo many times I used to call my mom or dad but I could here someone else speaking it use to freak me out
Joshua Clark
The cartoon one explains a lot from what kids at my school do when they have a fork in the rode
Also fuck Momo
qLucaxy 1
We always used to play hangman at school. Im now realising its bullshit..
Taylor Timbrook
Erin Ashley
I miss you booo💟💟💟💟💟💟
Jonathan Mata
23:21 that day was my bday 😂😂
shapeshifter the only
It's like they/ some just use phones to get info of other people like adress, phone number, card deats and other stuff like that so i don't under stand. Why do we need them why do we need fancy tech we did fine without them befor why can't we just have old phones and stuff like that thing that ucan't really hack into we'd be safer right?
Shane: it’s gone be a sad video

YouTube: category: comedy
Katyanna Horvath-Joukes
the barbies ratchet ass hair thoughhh
Sahara Desert
omg shane was so good with the apple conspiracy. like dayum I would have never bought up adam and eve and all that stuff.
the hollister at my mall is still dark and loud
Marilyn Acosta
I know your not going to read this but i have a friend who was affected by the camp fire in Paradise. I decided to talk to him about it. I asked questions,he said it was definitely planned. He had told me that 15 minutes before the fire started there was a group of helicopters spreading this kinda dust thing to some of the houses. These houses were not affected and still standing. The ones that didn't were all burned to the ground. His house didn't make it.
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ROAST ME! - SHANE DAWSON Conspiracy Theories with Shane 3 months ago   04:03

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