Andy Garcia On Sean Connery Alec Baldwin introduces Al Pacino, 2 days ago   04:51

American Film Institute
Andy Garcia speaks at the 34th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Sean Connery (2006).

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GK 1
Acting is a piece of Piss,,,,,,,,I was in this film,,,,and I've made Millions,,in other films,,,,,it beats working for a living,,,,,,,,,
Martin Frain
He’s like a little kid on that stage, speaking to his hero. When he breaks dating Garcia, Andy Garcia, it absolutely gets me
Eva G
I don't know why, but I find these videos fascinating. Grats to AFI to make a thing I want to watch.
Sarah Jane
Just grand!!! 💗
Santino Williams
Billy McCarthy
Ldr Johnson
I would love to see them together one final time, love them both, great men bravo Mr. Garcia the audience loved the reading of your thoughts
How can one dislike this ? It’s a great talk from a great actor in admiring his idols ,,, what’s wrong with that ? What’s wrong with people disliking it
The Elder
I worked with Andy Garcia on the film "Heroes" (with Dustin Hoffman), I'm happy to share that Mr. Garcia could not have been more down to Earth and nothing but gracious. You can see Sir Connery's genuine adoration of Andy in his eyes, which sparkle during his comments.
Alan Browning
sean connery one of my favorite actors and how to be a true classy man.....he;s a hard act to follow
Tetta Zwo
Great actor praising great actor, what's not to love?
Charles Antwan
Magic 👌
Bobby Ricigliano
I saw "The Untouchables" in the theater as a teenager. 30+ years later it is as epic in scale and entertaining as it ever was. So many giants of cinema in the same film, truly one for the ages.
He's not the best story-teller
David James
Canned laughter...WTF.ass licking Hollywood...
Connery was brilliant in The Untouchables no doubt. However, although these stories are told fondly by Garcia years later, don't they really just show Connery as the arrogant old douche that he is??
Andy Garcia, nice guy, not the prick he played in Ocean's. I'd pick him for a friend.
Greg 45
Great movie except for that talentless sack of shit costner and his worthless voice and terrible "acting" skills.
predrag svitlica
J have pain in my Ear..
Yanuri Roschev
One of my longtime favorite actors, Andy Garcia (see Black Rain also), this is just another demonstration of the true gentleman and professional in his craft. That was a great delivery to a great icon, from a great icon.
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Alec Baldwin introduces Al Pacino, Andy Garcia On Sean Connery 2 days ago   13:47

Alec Baldwin, 2008 Actors Fund Nedda Harrigan Logan Award recipient, shares his experience in the industry. Al Pacino gives a heartfelt speech.