How Humans Broke the Game 2 months ago   08:13

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BigMad max
0:10 try fatroll
JuanM Chavira
Humans have been in many wars most were a successful a few were falled
Devs should have stayed with the Neandertals. Even they were close to game breaking, but allowing another Homo migrate from the african server was way to stupid from them. Sapians just broke it! I hope the global warming update will get back to more marine builds. :) BTW, More Fungi! We need this patch!
Let's hope we don't have another special event like WW2
shader062maka lele
That's how humans work BTW reference to that's how mafia works explaining it for the normies
Humans need a big nerf, they're so OP it's not even fun anymore. If they banned dinos because they were too good they should do the same for humans.
Maik Rak
I don't know what this is but I love it
Purple Products
I don't like this and I don't know why.

This is a good show. I feel wrong for not liking it.
What about Blue bird? Rio
your voice is ugly
vinh nguyen
So we became the best not because we are strong but we are so weak that we have to use our brain and social interaction to survive?
Gamer _
So now i nhow wy humans had the longest time to evolutionize in africa but eurazia tuck the cake
Demo 0
We arent too sure if neanderthals were smarter than homosapiens and even then we are technically homosapien sapien meaning even wiser man (surely means that I dont know)
Wait...the animated Ardipithecus and Australopithecus scenes were by Square-Enix? E.V.O.: The Search For Eden remake/reboot/sequel confirmed?
Gary Tran
"Infighting is its biggest weakness"
Humans: invented nukes
Thelelanator lol
The neanderthal's brain may have been bigger than the human brain, but they didn't have the ingenuity or the social abilities of homo sapiens, so they ended up losing
Burrito Bowl01
*scrolls through wikipedia's page of wars*
Loganny Paulio
Theres a secret Build in the game called an Otaku Build and its the most underated build in the game and everyone hates it. You have to be a human to get this build.
Pedch Gunya
Level 100 mafia boss
The lord of cheeseyness
but don't forget sweat is a social debuff
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How Humans Broke the Game 2 months ago   08:37