Things Camaro V6 Owners Say Corvette ZR1 vs Camaro ZL1 vs Dodge Demon 1 day ago   05:19

Omni Rider
The Series Continues!
Being part of the American car culture, I've heard and seen a lot of outrageous stuff done or said about our cars. This video highlights some of the craziest things I've heard coming out of the mouths of folks that own Camaro V6s.
*Note* I am aware this video will offend some of you, that is not my intention! (I know Camaro V6s can sound good for example)

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Omni Rider
To all the offended v6 owners: I used to own a 2015 Mustang v6. I respect v6s. No where in the video do I say or imply owning a v6 sucks. They're great cars. Especially after 2010/2011+.

This video is EXAGGERATING and/or SATIRIZING what I've read in the YouTube comments section, forums, and visits to car meets. No harm intended. Just a playful video. I WILL eventually rip V8 guys. Calm down. If you get butthurt, sorry.
Karo H
Lol or you could’ve not explained yourself and just laughed it off
Chance The KiTkAt WrApPeR
Omni rider: Camaros having better weight distribution, therefore better turns.
Random Dodge Challenger: *Am I a joke to you?*
Chris Baumann
It's good, if you like it. I had a 1974, 350 2Bbl. 145HP net !! But I liked it, and had fun with it.
parental advisory explict content
By the way a "20 inch" sub. Whould not fit the normal size is 12 and at most 15
Juan Motie
Yap, Yap, Yap. Too much useless chit-chat on this video. Never again.
William Matthews
Camaro is a poor man's Corvette
Andrew Robinson
Real car people respect other peoples cars.
Brad Peterson
Bruh who fuckin cares what other people think
Anonymous Anonymous
It's not the v6 Camaro I dont like, it's the guys who think a v6 Camaro is still a muscle car. No, it's a sports car with a muscle cars name. Same for the new mustang's.
m a r k G a b r i e l
Here in the Philippines other ricers remove their badges on their civics so they can put SS wtf
Im barely 18 with a 2014 v6 camaro .. & i paid 18k cash💪💪.. Everytime somebody try telling me its weak i just tell em atleast its paid off & with no parents help... help💯💯👐 & im thinking of getting the 2019 ss
Wild Dimes
I have a 2010
Al Garza
V6 = Vshit
Jalon Fonseca
And here I am with my 1980 Z28 laughing about the newfangled idea of fuel injection
Francisco Murillo
I was a hardcore ford mustang fagboy. But then i got in a wreck and got a camaro v6 as a rental. And honestly its was the best car ive driven. It was quick fun to drive quality inside was decent and now I want one! I cant imagine how fun the v8 must be!
I own a 1992 Camaro RS with the 305 TBI rated at 170HP. But it's a V8 you say? I just bought a 2013 V6 Camaro rated a 323HP.
David Olsen
Is this the high school forum??
v6 camaro is pointless. if u want to save gas buy a corolla
vv Daytona
yall niggas arguing over things that get u from point a to b
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