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Things Camaro V6 Owners Say | Face Off: Mustang Ecoboost - At Up-Tube.com

Things Camaro V6 Owners Say Face Off: Mustang EcoBoost 2 days ago   05:19

Omni Rider
The Series Continues!
Being part of the American car culture, I've heard and seen a lot of outrageous stuff done or said about our cars. This video highlights some of the craziest things I've heard coming out of the mouths of folks that own Camaro V6s.
*Note* I am aware this video will offend some of you, that is not my intention! (I know Camaro V6s can sound good for example)

Check out my Debadging Video!

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Omni Rider
To all the offended v6 owners: I used to own a 2015 Mustang v6. I respect v6s. No where in the video do I say or imply owning a v6 sucks. They're great cars. Especially after 2010/2011+.

This video is EXAGGERATING and/or SATIRIZING what I've read in the YouTube comments section, forums, and visits to car meets. No harm intended. Just a playful video. I WILL eventually rip V8 guys. Calm down. If you get butthurt, sorry.
As a dodge fan it was hilarious to see dodge eating glue while Ford and Chevy are fighting lol
James Morrison
Exactly if you don't know what a V6 or a V8 then you should just keep your mouth shut
Whiterex06 birdman
Had a sales guy say almost all of that about the c6 Camaro. I told him I wanted the SS. He kept going. I pointed at my track prepped WRX and shook my head and walked away. Then bought a Z06.
Braden McCurry
this also applies to mustang v6 owners
ObEy SeTTiOz
Check out my Camaro SS
The AgentZero
Gas station guy got owned
Benjamin Battle
First 2:22 seconds of the video was pointless. Sounds like the guy was trying to compliment you and didn't realize you had a SS. Just say thank you and walk away, why do you have to point out all the differences as if he cares?
Nators Terra
Smoking camaro V8s with my 600hp supercharged Smart :)
Steven C
Lol great video, but V6’s are underrated, I have a 2018 V6 Camaro RS with the A8 and it has the same 0-60 as 2014 mustang GT with the manual transmission
Alex Richards
Boys I have a v6 mustang, but I would drive a canaro just the same
Men at work Land down under
Really 3.6 nah 3.8 my dad has a holden crewmen 3.8 the last of the good v6s cheers from the land down under
What about 4 cil camaro?
RocketBunnny 23
If you want to buy a muscle car don’t get a v6
Daniel Jimenez
Military niggas fighting over a PTSD mobile
Joseph Stalin
Things v6 mustang people say. "What does v6 mean?"
Fermitu Poupon
"I paid €13,000 less in ecotax than you did for your V8" which still doesn't change the fact that they paid close to €40k in ecotaxes. Guess why there are pretty much none on the roads out here. No one is willing to pay over €70k for a Chevy or a Ford. And ofcourse the second you drive it out the showroom, that ecotax is immediately lost in resale value. Nobody's gonna pay more than 15k for a used Camaro or Mustang. Maybe 25k if it was a former dealer demo car, which ofcourse do not exist, because such cars really do not sell at all in my country.
R-B-CHEVY show
Hey mustang sucks in general
Timothy Benton
They say. I need to put a tampon in cause they’re women.
Nah, I will stay in my Mercedes AMG.
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Face Off: Mustang EcoBoost Things Camaro V6 Owners Say 2 days ago   12:12

We pit the 2015-2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Performance Package against the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro RS V6 to see how the top non-V8 performance models from each brand stack up.

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