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In the original Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks attempts to get his son Michael to invest his little bit of change in the bank. He says that one day it will make him rich... but would it? Is Mr. Banks dooming his son to financial ruin or is this sound advice? Let's find out!

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Bee Bee
I actually don’t like Mary Poppins that much
Lilac Afton
Matpat u need ...*NEED* TO send us ur intro on something.(is it on itunes) i just really love DA intro
Guild of Geek
Funny given Einstein was anti capitalist
Bradley. C
I have recently watched the new movie and I realized that the life scene is like the balloon song at the end
Sakura Chikatta
The new one wasn't as good... -_-"
Purple Walrus
And by 24 he was wearing pants
Fl upen
What do you mean by BLOODY TUPENCE SINCE YOU SAID THEY ARE TWO PENNIES just please explain
oh wait he’s getting 3.5% compound interest and 3.5% of 2 pennies is smaller than any farthing farting (sorry) and faring
Isaac Fowler
dude im British ... i can tell you right now it doesn't cost anywhere close to 5-10 quid for paper and string i wish you didnt cut that part out of your script since i wanna know how you figured that out hahahah
wow that was my favorite movie thank....but i like you channel
Lenka Junová
Thanks for the shout-out to Czechoslovakia... that was a s*it deal indeed :-D
Oliver Janesch
Schilling was used in austria before the € came
brian ng
tl;dr, to get rich, buy Rolex, and sell Rolex
Bastet Poppy & Darrell
This now ruins the sequel
Abigail Gott
My head is spinning, this is a confusing web you've spun ,I knew I have an IQ of a walnut, but it SERIOUSLY sounds like your speaking a different language....
Ashley Fedder
I agree if the guy isn't as good as dick Van dyke I will all time made cus he isy hero
Corgi Queen
*when you have never watched Mary Poppins because your brother is too stubborn*
Laurent Nackers
Mary Poppins is my favorite movie as a child
Jiba Geolas
Look ok, I don't give a frick frack, this movie made me cry, so yeah.
Valerie Soliman
did you do mary poppins returns?
Lily Kawaii
Wait... wait... His last name is Banks and his father works at a bank... SMH tv logic
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Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Film Theory: Don't Trust 2 months ago   13:05

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