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Film Theory: Don't Trust | Gmod Prop Hunt Funny - At Up-Tube.com

Film Theory: Don't Trust Gmod Prop Hunt Funny 4 months ago   15:08

The Film Theorists
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In the original Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks attempts to get his son Michael to invest his little bit of change in the bank. He says that one day it will make him rich... but would it? Is Mr. Banks dooming his son to financial ruin or is this sound advice? Let's find out!

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Comments 4830 Comments

Scarlett Wilbur
MatPat you should make a theory about Star Wars
Blessing Micaih
I am adom
aidan bae
Wait in the new movie he has enough money to pay back a f**king loan, and he actually get’s £0 a year? CoNFuCIoN
Mary poppins returns is incredible
The tuppence saved michaels house in Mary poppins returns
pap yrus
Adrián Sásik
13:33 >:(
The Galaxy Phoenix
Matpat they talk about tuppence in the actual remake
That tuppence saved Michel and his family from losing their house in the new Mary Poppins movie... soooooooo
Who else got lost?
Dom the Bomb
The 18-1900's - keeping records of the things that "matter"
The scene where the kid gets his Tuppence taken from old men was creepy imagine if old men were going around you and acting creepy
supermix nation
I'm watching so much of this I'm becoming a nerd
Miriam K
If he had kept the money his whole life, he might even get much more out of it then when he would leave it in the bank. One pence from 1910 is worth around 20$ on ebay, with a span from everything from 0,60$ to up to over 200$.
Reese B
If u like the old one....

U might not like the new one like me
Derek Krahn
Exactly because in the second movie their uncle makes them bankrupt so yea.
David Monreal
whenever i want to watch film theory i say im watching sience videos
Shjsmsnns Ndhsbsbsn
Who even is your target adens
Jacob Regan
And once mat Pat tern 24 u can wear trouser
Oscar Tracey
i showed my dad this episode who's born in 1964 and when you said about the original mary poppins: "its that old' he let out a sad sigh
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Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Film Theory: Don't Trust 4 months ago   13:05

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