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In the original Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks attempts to get his son Michael to invest his little bit of change in the bank. He says that one day it will make him rich... but would it? Is Mr. Banks dooming his son to financial ruin or is this sound advice? Let's find out!

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Cυτιε ΡιΣ
I never really like Mary Poppins...
It just....
Doesn’t appeal to me...
And it’s VERRY boring...
Melanie Phantomhive
Man the moment MatPat said "Lin-Manuel Miranda" I was like MY BEAUTIFUL SON I'M SO PROUD OF HIM OMG
Sad story me and my family went to the movie theater to watch this movie but after 30 minutes there are so many songs and so boring we went home on half of the movie.
Dude you actually spend time watching that stupid movie?
wyatt da porg masta
thank u for not completely ruining my childhood
F14 tomcat That’s a secret
And then America had the best economy
Mia Sixto
Nova WildPaw
long story short the British government like to mess over people then and still like to mess over people just and just make more problems for the people...
#60 Fritos
When he was fired at 9:00 pm he gave the money to the boss and didn’t use it to buy kite materials. Literally watched the movie yesterday before I saw this video
That meme person
lol thought "2 pennines wil NOT pay for bird seed!" but this is 1910 😅
Zacky Boi
I'm honestly very proud of Dick Van Dyke for being both Burt and the bank owner in the first movie, but also being able to dance so well with his old age in the sequel! Except, this time the white beard was real lol
Edit: In 1914, England went into war with Turkey and dragged Australia into it, who dragged New Zealand with them. After 100 years, Australia and New Zealand still have two days in the year where we remember the ANZACS (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) who fought and fell in battle.
CMH 2017
11:42 You misspelled "cautiously."
Just finally watched the sequel. Not the best, but now it leaves more questions. Angela Lansbury surprised me at the end of the film especially since she spoke to Mary Poppins directly. For a moment I was excited because I thought it was an easter egg to Miss Price from Bedknobs and Broomsticks until the credits where only listed as 'Balloon Lady'. I still like to think they could be from the same school/coven that spans the Disney multiverse. It makes sense if you take the time to confirm that the father is the same actor(David Tomlinson) in both movies. It could be an alternate Banks family considering the family in Bedknobs and Broomsticks don't have a last name. Thought I'd give you something new to chew on. Keep theorizing, and thanks for reading!
Jeremy M
Did you consider how much money the tuppence would have been worth today
Jeremy M
The British culture in this video is ON POINT
Nimita Siju
concpiracy theory: mat is an army


Duct Tape
Mary Poppins is my favourite Disney movie
Grace Rose
Ha ha inflation, thats what happened in the Philippines right now ha ha #sarcasm
new one is so good.
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Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Film Theory: Don't Trust 8 months ago   13:05

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