August 01, 2019: Sofia Tesfamariam Mestyat Betna | ስብሓት ኤፍሬም፣ 1 day ago   13:18

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Sofia Tesfamariam is appointed as a special envoy of Eritrea in the United Nations. Here is what we think about it

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Solomon Mosazgi
As to the girl Sophia Tesfamariam, she is a convenient tool.
Solomon Mosazgi
The trickster Isaias Afwereki creates conditions to deprive people inside the country, making those abroad beneficiaries and pretends to predict the outcome of it. For the freedom fighters to be the have nots and those contributed nothing to our struggle to be the haves was his plan. Therefore, what he was describing in this video was the concrete plan he had to deprive those who live inside Eritrea. His plan successfully deprived every Eritrean but those few stooges of his.
Zewdi Habtemariam
A x
እዚኣ ትማል ከልቢ ናይ ዞም የእዱግ ኔራ ። ሕጂ ካኣ ከልቢ ናይዞም መንደፍ እያ ።
ራህዎ ዳዊት
ኢትዬ ኤርትራ ወያኔ ወያኔ ገይሮም ስርሑ ታይጉዱ
Lydia Hagos
Tigray Weyan is working on getting planes and we Eritreas are busy blaming wayan FOR EVERYTHING...why not try to learn from them by becoming one and United, there is power in unity, God help us, because we need it.
boyboyyeah youtube
Get up stand up, standup for your right.
Eritrea Gold
Fuck hagerka flet agame hagerna hagerna ybl dikala resah agame ab gzie werar weyani mstom komalat weyani dekiadika konka tzarebo zneberka resiekayo lemani resah mealtka tetseb alena eritrawyan nketateleka
God is love
africa zera america ziabeyet sofia niana n eritreawyan edmenan hiwetnan zwefena kitmerhana natna ko fluy u shigrna zeywdae.enough is enough
Yiakl belu
ሶፍያ ኣብስደት የሕልፍኪዮ ዕድሜኺ ብዛዕባ ኤርትራ ኣፍልጦ የብልኽን ኣፍኪ ሕዚ ።
Menkem Mahri
Yerewa do yekwen ezi wedi Shormuta esyas be meakora yerewa yekwen hhhhh
robel & rshan y
FaNus NetWork ( FuNfun NetWork )
Anta shiut af gahsi . Nska dika ktkewn tihasib mierka .
Almaz Almaz
Aye halewlew
Tesfahiwet Habtesion
Bravo Nuel ajoka Ab genka alena
regat lemlem
ዓረኪ ሰባረ ነቃዕ::
Brandon Ben
amhareyti eya adia Eritrea aboa amharay eyu
Love is my way
Tigrigna tezarebi beluley
ንምንታይ ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ኩሉ ዓለም ኣሎ ኢልኪ ሕቲትኪዶ ትፈልጢ መሃይም እንታይ ትፈልጥያ ዓድና፡ ደንቆሮ ኢኺ ናይ ወዲ መድሂን በራድ ካልኣይቲ ሰበይቱ ስለዝኮንኪ ኢኺ ሂቡኪ ነዚ ሓላፍነት። ንህይወትኪ ፍርሒ
Mannie Berhanu
A killer she is for sure
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