nyc dating update, regret, + post-grad CHATTY l DATING UPDATE l LIFE 2 days ago   14:49

back at it with a CHATTY video where I answer your burning questions!! hope you enjoy :)

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Anna Masip
I wish I could talk to you someday. I truly have admired you since the very beginning, and you have helped a lot throughout my whole life. Your advice has always made me feel better. Thank you.
Cons and piracy Theories
Kill this worthless bigger. Xxxii xxxii xxxii kill her
Cons and piracy Theories
The world used to be a better place then it is now. You people fucked the world up and it's never going to be as good as it was again. I hate you. I never change because I'm not the fuck up you are
Moksha R
stromae is really good for French pop music but he is REALLY popular so I'm pretty sure you know him already !
Sarah Roberts
For French pop I’d recommend Stormae!!!
listen to stromae ! Hes very artistic too
Zora Weaslebee
check out the do! they are amazing!
are you wearing the L’Oréal foundation you’ve been talking about in this video? your foundation and under eye concealer look so good!!
Yarii Iglecias
Which font did you use for this video? I loved it 💕
Clara Ribeiro
French pop artists you might really like: l'Impératrice ("Erreur 404"), Pépite ("Éviter les naufrages"), Vendredi sur mer ("les filles désir")! Love your videos, been following you for years and it's so beautiful to see you grow, you're by far my favourite youtuber!
The answers are so thoughtful! Love seeing how much you've grown. Also this red lip is amazing a+
as someone who is graduating college in three weeks, i needed this so much!
Anne McNamara
Couer de Pirate is a really incredible french pop artist, also shes INCREDIBLE live
French Pop: Stormae
Rachel Meltzer
what was the song at the end?
Annabeth Levi
Angel is an amazing french singer! You should try her out!
You look so nice with red lipstick!
You will meet someone that will absolutely knock your socks off. And the cool thing will be that they will feel the same way, too.

I spent so much time wishing and dreaming and clinging to guys who either could not or would not ever reciprocate. You are a lovely person inside and out, patience and an open heart will bring what's meant for you, to you. XO
Reagan Camille
Hi Katy, I don't usually write comments, but i've been going through a rough time in my life and have felt like I am being pulled in a million different directions. I just wanted to thank you for your video. Watching it and listening to your advice really helped me recenter my focus and realize what's important. And you've inspired me to acknowledge the power of creativity and to be more creative in my everyday life. So thank you, I really needed this.
Anna Kaplan
katy i've been watching your videos since you were in high school and it's so great to see the woman you've become. you're amazing and i still love watching your videos! nyc you is very cool
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CHATTY l DATING UPDATE l LIFE nyc dating update, regret, + post-grad 2 days ago   14:33

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