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8 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have | 5 Awesome Car Life Hacks - At Up-Tube.com

8 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have 5 Awesome Car Life Hacks 5 months ago   14:14

Chop Busters
8 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have In 2018


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8 Schatzii AIR
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India-- https://amzn.to/2CsW8Cx
Other-- https://www.shopspring.com/products/19724046

7 iKamper Skycamp https://www.ikamper.com/

6 Blaulock
US-- https://amzn.to/2NQ0YMa
Canada-- https://amzn.to/2CTfWQx
Other-- https://www.blaulocktech.com/

5 ideamount https://igg.me/at/R9ZkhNywjX4/x

4 WAYB Pico https://wayb.com/

3 Raven Dashcam
US-- https://amzn.to/2S4r95l
Other-- https://raven.is/

2 Poydemte https://poydemte.com/products/new-invention-vehicle-rooftop-doorstep-for-suv-outdoors

1 DashPal http://www.mydashpal.com/

Comments 104 Comments

Kevin Kd
#5 Made in China.This is how to control Chinese population growing more.
11:30 Wish my nose was up that yummy butt and have a deep sniff.
aayan goverski
So stupid and retarded ideas
Daniyal Khan
So how will you horn a person if ur phone is in the way. Will I guess u have to ring
Giancarlo Cruz
Who the fuck uses that silly thing on the steering wheel of a Tesla when it has a huge screen in the middle of the dash?
Basically a 15 minute commercial for crap products.
clint connor
My favorite accessory is a great car maintenance program www.automotivewolf.com I bought for my Windows laptop that monitors the maintenance schedule and sends me reminders when anything needs to be checked or serviced. I configured it to exactly match the maintenance schedule in my owners manual. It also tracks parts, expenses and performance and keeps a detailed maintenance log that will be useful when I sell the vehicle. Definitely great for anyone that does their own car maintenance.
Tomoko Kishi
Be careful when buying the tent. The max load of the roof rack, not the tent, is usually quite low.
Borden 001
Jesus died for you
Boii Villa
The hell with this video, sound, and things.
Ghazi غازي
8 useless s..t
Paul Godwin
It’s so bad that even though everyone else has mentioned it I still feel compelled to add my own bitching about how fuckingggggg stupid the steering wheel mount is.
The kids today are screwed - they will never have the freedom we had before cell phones and GPS. "Why didn't you call to let us know where you were?" "Sorry Dad, I couldn't find a payphone."
tony thomas
The air purifier took 3 min to clear 1 hit from a cigarette... lol. Lol. Really.
Oliver B
Hanz Groten
Steering wheel holder...wait till the air bag goes off
No. 2 definitely!!!
Marko Vučilovski
#3 - "Jane is on her way home, better get rid of that whore you are cheating on her with."
Rod M
Why would you need a tent on the roof when you have a damn suv? Sleep in the damn thing. all that work setting up and breaking down just open and close the fucking door!
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5 Awesome Car Life Hacks 8 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have 5 months ago   04:17

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