8 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have 5 Awesome Car Life Hacks 2 days ago   14:14

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8 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have In 2018


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Amazon gadgets


8 Schatzii AIR
US-- https://amzn.to/2CSdqtZ
India-- https://amzn.to/2CsW8Cx
Other-- https://www.shopspring.com/products/19724046

7 iKamper Skycamp https://www.ikamper.com/

6 Blaulock
US-- https://amzn.to/2NQ0YMa
Canada-- https://amzn.to/2CTfWQx
Other-- https://www.blaulocktech.com/

5 ideamount https://igg.me/at/R9ZkhNywjX4/x

4 WAYB Pico https://wayb.com/

3 Raven Dashcam
US-- https://amzn.to/2S4r95l
Other-- https://raven.is/

2 Poydemte https://poydemte.com/products/new-invention-vehicle-rooftop-doorstep-for-suv-outdoors

1 DashPal http://www.mydashpal.com/

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VGAPR Garage
Number five is great. Get that cell phone smashed in your face when the airbag goes off.
Airbag pushing a iPhone intro your head an 200 mph great idea
Dash pal ..ha ha so funny...perfect for the lazy consummer.....locates where you parked your car when you get pissed in the pub or come back from holidays nd cant remember if you left car in short germ or long term car park or took a taxi to airport and left car in drive way in the first place... owners manual is great to read on your car display panel but lets see in this day and age.. dash pack ...h when your engine light comes on it reminds you that you should buy either an expensive or inexpensive car diagnostic kit because you gonner get fleeced at the garage for doing the test..in my country its 70 euros....and results oh anything from loose fuel cap to fuel injection system..dont need dash pack to tell me this but there are folks who ignore warning lights so i doubt dash pack will be of any use to them just another app to waste space on your phone or tablet device....ckming to think of it..in the days of early mobile phone people used to boast about how many ring tones their phones have..i wonder do kinds compare how many apps their phone has when they open box and how many useless apps such as this one their phone can download to make their brains become moooch even more as they are becoming...god i love a good rant.....happy now ...
I love the tent over the car, the travel car seat and the DashPal device! Thank you for the video
livio santarelli
horryfic soundtrack !!
Sergio Prieto
Well the tent on the top of the car was something good ...
Stephen Day
Waaay to many adds
Always a good idea to be looking at your phone when you're turning sharply.
John Barker
down the music
Item #2 video is in Turkey [ Türkiye ]
Radovan Bursać
Jeez... I said to myself, why did I found this now when I already purchased 3 new car gadgets in last 2 weeks. But luckily none of these products left any interest in me, not even to check the prices. Some of them are dangerous, some ineffective, and other simply dumb. There are so much better and useful products out there I would spent my money on.
Sofoklis Apostolidis real
The mobile Magnet case in the car wheel it's very dangerous and come kill you.. if airbag open!
it's very dangerous products.
Goe Bann
8: how long does the air filter last? Can you replace the filter or do you have to buy a new charger with the filter? 7: car thieve stealing your car while you're sleeping, must be fun.
Geng Pan
7:00 you already have a giant screen there......
#2 - Or you could just go to a hotel.
looks like a bot uploader..
Artur Wojcieski
is this music for idiots???
Michael Eber
So we have a video showing us all this stuff but provides no links to the products in the description???!!! stupid idiots with excessive commercials.
cuppa soup
8 things I'll not be wasting my money on.
N Hoang
why would you want to put your phone over the Tesla symbol, also air bag area? You drive a Tesla, why would you need your phone there? 🤨
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5 Awesome Car Life Hacks 8 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have 2 days ago   04:17

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