WILMINGTON DELAWARE WORST HOODS 60 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Grocery 5 months ago   11:33


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Haze Mcdanill
I live in Wilmington
Sergio Herrera
5:44 an Audi... Ok👌
him: turns on my street
me: 𝗼𝗵 𝗳*𝗰𝗸
Scott Ferguson
You can blame the federal government handouts and Welfare. Democrat social rats.
Christopher DiGiovanni
Ironically it is a rich city financially because of several credit card offices and no tax, it really is not a cool city just like Baltimore. Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City are far better.
Christopher DiGiovanni
Yes, I went through Wilmington from Washington, DC to Philadelphia and back home plus to and from New York City on Interstate 95. I thought Wilmington was a nice and great city when I was in the city, but I was wrong because it really was a very dangerous and dirty city. Oh well..
Paul H. Kircher III
Probably in 2009 when you came up with Bring Back Elane.
Derrick Chambers
Why you didn't come through the projects 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
Birds Nation
Eastside 9th and Bennett right by Jesse and James
Lazy people, with low IQ's
kenneth Ford JR
Maybe all the 5 guys standing on the street corners could all go find jobs instead of slinging drugs ?
Matthew Tyler
In The Beginning Was The Word
Whatever car is being driven to film this sounds raggedy too.
Yonatan Daniyel
Yup, that does look like a real ghetto unlike some of these other phony Youtube ghetto/hood drive-by videos. I didn't realize Delware had nasty slums like this until I watched the World of Briggs video.. Sad to see a larger town in a state that should be quaint and charming to be just another run-down East Coast shithole.
Back in the days, dudes from NYC would drive to Delaware, load up entire Uhaul trucks full of fireworks, and sell them out of a dingy apartment to all the kids. The good ol days.
Is Delaware considered the south?
Another NPC
It must have been a beautiful place at one point
Tisha Steen
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M Mason
I'll move right in that bitch ✊
M Mason
Big ass houses
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60 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Grocery WILMINGTON DELAWARE WORST HOODS 5 months ago   10:22

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