David Letterman -_- Robert Deniro Al Pacino Wins Best Actor: 4 months ago   10:31


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M Stephens
Dave was BRILLIANT during this and so many other interviews.....like ALL of them!
A Nejad
I wonder why De Niro never before appeared on Letterman, maybe it has to do with Letterman constantly mocking and interupting his guests?
Dave LosAngeles
DeNiro later became fanatic, negative, hateful, and making extremist ugly comments.
DeNiro became a loser.
Where all these "comments" come from?? the idiot brainless club?
Gerard Ornell
The FUCK?! 10 and a half minutes went by ridiculously fast
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
"Its called *acting*, dear boy..."
Deniro's a buffoon.
Stephen Coffey
Whats deniros problem. Fuckin jerk.
Warren Ash
Oh, re-runs of Dave and the Raving Idiot Deniro.
Scott Brandts
If I could have a gay couple be my mum and dad, these two legends would be them!!
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
looks like deniro sufferes or suffered from a little anxiety, he’s quite nervous and doesn’t really want to talk much out of fear of saying something silly
Christian Cresser
They made America great again.
Karon Woods
You lie
Hye Dia
2017 but not in HD?
Jeff Chandler
Robert De Niro is a Al Pacino Wanna Be... DeZero
Alex Smith
Deniro Obviously Bored
He's like a cup of milk Bobby you suck!
Buster Ducke
It must have been fun..new jersey boys
Love DeNiro, he dont give a fuck... He's a legend and untouchable
Hanamichi Sakuragi
Two finest actor in our lifetime
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Al Pacino Wins Best Actor: David Letterman -_- Robert Deniro 4 months ago   05:12

Jodie Foster presenting Al Pacino with the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance in "Scent of a Woman" at the 65th Academy Awards® in 1993.