David Letterman -_- Robert Deniro Al Pacino Wins Best Actor: 1 day ago   10:31


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Another Sullivan
Never cared for Dustin Hoffman.
chris lawrence
De Niro has turned into a troll.
G Work
De Niro after show: "You see? This is exactly why I never came." Letterman is a total goof.
Laura Peltier
Mutt and Jeff the two best guys all around next to you Dave! :-)
Randy Johnson
Bobby got assassinated in 1968 june 6
Joseph Casey
Deniro is just a pompous rude asshole He's one of those guys that the more you see him and hear him without a script the less of a man he becomes.
Kevin Barron
Gunnar Lindøe Jørgensen
Fuck this "show"... I am straight back with "HEAT"
Garry Lewis
I remember watching Midnight Cowboy at the 67 drive in theater when I was a teenager. Wow God i'm old !!
The adulation and applause two ACTORS get is pathetic and embarrassing. Media and corporate brain washing has turned so many into sheep.
Rage Against The Dem-Machine
Deniro reminds me of my dad, big time.
"Well not both of ya . . . " Gotta be the best quip of all time!
Bob has the personality of a catfish!
Joe Duran
Wow, A party on 34th & 2nd ave. & Robert Kennedy gets shot. Is DeNiro a good idea to have on for future shows???
Syd Kris
wanted to see Hoffman;  Deniro was just a nauseating inconvenience.
DeNiro is classier than Cher. He didn't call Dave an asshole to his face. I think DeNiro lost a bet to be on the show. I was working on a Barnes And Nobel in Paramus NJ . The store was open and doing huge business so they hired a cop to work security the first few weeks. I was talking with the cop and he was talking about how they hire the rookies to work security for when celebs ect are in town. He said he had to escort Dustin Hoffman to a premier of one of his movies. He said he is a very quiet shy guy. While they were at the premier Dustin didn't like seeing himself on screen and part way into the movie told the cop,let get out of here and they went back to the hotel and hung out. He said he was extremely nice. He also escorted Eddie Murphy. He said Murphy is a huge ahole
Simp Simpson
DeNiro.. Busted using underage prostitutes
Jeff Swank
Can’t stand bob after trump comments
2 Giants of the screen ,
Kevin Williams
kind of jack asses
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Al Pacino Wins Best Actor: David Letterman -_- Robert Deniro 1 day ago   05:12

Jodie Foster presenting Al Pacino with the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance in "Scent of a Woman" at the 65th Academy Awards® in 1993.