THIS is why the Cheap Salvage Corvette First Start In Many Years 9 months ago   14:42

GM/Chevy Diagnostic Tool that Fixed the Vette:

Favorite Mid-Range Diagnostic Scanner ($2xx):

Get the Same Manuals the Dealership Uses CHEAP:

Email Me:

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Neil Stern
Now I know to delete codes before i do anything, great vid.
Another great video, thanks Sam, keep them coming.
who ever told u it wouldnt start cause it jacked up is a moron. Itd be like not starting cause u parked it on a hill.
I was excited to see that car startup.....congrats!!!...... Very informative as well....great video....would like to see the update video.....when you are driving that......would be a good trade in for a C8 :)
Wayne Rainey
what a Jackwagon!
Next Nexit
That's why I drive a old car without computer, if it not starting then I now it's not a big problem to fix it.
Ralph Hildreth
Congratulations...there is NOTHING like getting the car to run after not spending buckets of money to have someone else do the work...the fact that you spent less than the de sax let would have charged is just an added bonus
william sebastian
Sam would you ever be interested in getting a car project for me and i pay for car repairs and you? You can put it on your channel too since i think that would be so cool
al dee
nice fix
John W
Please turn off that stupid noise (music) that just repeats over and over!!!!!!!!!!!
Shoulda used distilled water dude, that hose shit fucks cars.
Richard Bucker
Recently I leased a new VM Jetta... after going through all the hassles of a dealership I received a threatening letter from the dealer that sounded a lot like they wanted the car back. I was so pissed that I was hoping the letter was true/real. I was prepared to just grab some savings and buy a used car and drive it into the ground. Watching this channel reinforces my decision... so next time I'll invest in tools and a work space.
Carl Skaggs
Oy. It's not the computer that's 32 bit, it's the processor and the OS. The processor in newer computers can run 32 or 64 bit OS software. Very new computers may have driver issues with x32 software, but installing in a virtual machine should work.
Mr. Hall
It starts!
Most cars will run just below the midpoint on the temp gauge if everything is working normally.
Charles James
Clean floor?
glen phillips
Good work.
Trucker RollinThick
I bought a Acura integra out of a guy’s back yard for $300. He said it wouldn’t start and it hadn’t been touched or moved in a year. I put a hot battery on it and (click, click). Told him I be right back. Guy said he had to shower and get ready for work. Came back slapped a starter on it, he walks out his house as I turned the key sat”Mannnnnnn it’s not gonna start, I already told you.” Hit the key and drove it it home. Dude’s jaw hit the ground and all I could do was Lmmfao. I drove it back and forth to work for almost a year and sold it for $2500 to a co-worker.
game therapy
That’s a eee pc I have that exact computer
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First Start In Many Years THIS is why the Cheap Salvage Corvette 9 months ago   19:27

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