THIS is why the Cheap Salvage Corvette First Start In Many Years 5 months ago   14:42

GM/Chevy Diagnostic Tool that Fixed the Vette:

Favorite Mid-Range Diagnostic Scanner ($2xx):

Get the Same Manuals the Dealership Uses CHEAP:

Email Me:

Song Used: Peyruis "Reveur"

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robert sampson
us the but of your keyon the buttonclosed end
Robert Strobel
Where did you buy it from
Peter Bryant
Don’t go to Emanualsonline as it is a scam, nothing but trouble, frustrating and disjointed. Sam you should remove your endorsement :(
There's nothing like diagnosing our cars ourselves. Great job
Kieran Penrose
Corvettes have leaf springs?!? 😬😬😬
Papa Torr
Good video, as usual. Drop the Nike advertising! Distracting, annoying!
Patrick Maloney
Is distilled water coming out of that hose?
Dystar 924
Do you know what's really bad? Some indian guy that should drive with his glasses still messing around with what he didn't had at all... Can you fix that instance, before adding more mess? Big bads are not all of the same. 🗨😏🎭🖲📜👓🕳
Janet Merner
If you need to run 32 bit software on Windows 10 you can install Windows 10 in 32 bit edition on 64 bit Hardware. Just make sure to back up your current Windows installation if you need to go back. Some modern UEFI computer will not install the 32 bit version of Windows 10, so check before you try to install Windows 10 32 bit. I do not recommend running older Vista or XP for use with diagnostics tools as a computer virus could cause damage. You can even install Windows 10 32 bit on older Hardware as long as you have 2 gigabyte of Ram a Intel Core Duo or Athlon II processor or newer. Walmart sell Windows home for 164 it is cheaper in the United States. After you buy it use the Microsoft Download tool to create a 32 bit iso for Windows, Obviously do not run a pirate Windows 10 as it could have viruses or other problems. The 32 bit version has the NTVDM that allows it to run older software. The company recommends that Tech2win software cannot be installed on virtual machine like samcrac says at 8:10.
ivan o
I enjoy your info but 1.75 speed isnt fast enough for this guy you gotta listen through 13min of white noise to get 1 minute of usefull info scattered through the whole video split up ten second at a time
GHT Media
Hey, what kind of a scan tool is that 5:13 ?
GHT Media
The reason, 3:12, is because the car thinks it is getting towed...
GHT Media
3:12 Come on, man. You never saw the movie "Twins"? All you have to do is pick the front of the car up and the alarm will go off.
Bob A
Love the fact that he did not listen to the dealer's BS once again. Those guys will literally rob the ignorant car owner blind if you let them. Go in for a simple oil change and they tell you that you need a slew of unneeded repairs. I always decline and they get pissed with an attitude. Will not go back!!
Clay LeBlanc
Dude if that was me getting that vetted started and the computer telling me not to go passed 4000 rpms, I would’ve been so tempted to just do it anyway.
Kevin Ingraham
Dude it was great to hear it start
11:35 - what's going on in that engine!? It's like sparks flying all around :D Probably something liquid splashing but looked funny.
Colt 604
You don't need a 32-bit CPU, it just needs a 32-bit install of Windows 7.
Im really tempted to bid on some salvage cars ive seen. but im paranoid about the salvage title. Would hate to put lots of time and money into a project then never be able to sell it for even a fraction of its actual value. Has this ever been a problem for you?
Melynda Jurgenson
I'm working on project which uses the c6 chassis, after watching your vid, I bought the VXdiagnostic tool. I can't get the Corvette data up. When I go to Chevrolet, the only things listed under automotive are 4 and 6 cylinder cars. What am I doing wrong? It worked for you, please help it work for me.
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First Start In Many Years THIS is why the Cheap Salvage Corvette 5 months ago   19:27

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